Denmark: NGOs Sue Government Over Weapons Exports to Israel

Denmark literally sent all of their weapons to the Ukraine and Israel.

They don’t even have any more weapons.

Some woman is in charge of it.

Why do people keep putting women in charge of things?


A group of NGOs on Tuesday said they will sue the Danish state to end the Nordic country’s arms exports to Israel, citing concerns that its weapons were being used to commit serious crimes against civilians during the war in Gaza.

Amnesty International Denmark, Oxfam Denmark, ActionAid Denmark and Palestinian human rights organisation Al-Haq said in a joint statement they would bring the case against Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Police, which approves Danish sales of weapons and military equipment.

“We feel that we are completely within the lines, the rules of the game that apply,” Foreign Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen told reporters. The National Police declined immediate comment without having seen details of the lawsuit.

Legal firm Kontra Advokater, who will be representing the NGOs, said it would file the lawsuit to a Copenhagen district court within the next three weeks.

A Dutch court in February ordered the Netherlands to block all exports of F-35 fighter jet parts to Israel over concerns they were being used to violate international law in Gaza.

It’s pretty hard to justify slaughtering all of these people.

So much for the sweet and loving teddy bear Scandinavians, I guess.