Whiny Jew Teacher Booted from Antisemitic Brooklyn High School

Previously: Brooklyn High School Students “Terrorizing” Jewish Teachers and Classmates

Shut up, shut up, shut up JEW.

No one cares about your stupid whining anymore.

We’ve seen what you people are doing to those babies in Gaza. We know you all support it. The whining doesn’t work anymore.

You have to leave, Jew.

New York Post:

The Jewish teacher at a Brooklyn high school who complained of swastikas, death threats, Nazi salutes, and Hitler-loving comments by unruly students was booted from the building this week — as Chancellor David Banks voiced concern for a student caught posing as the German tyrant.

Superintendent Michael Prayor made the decision to move global history teacher Danielle Kaminsky from Origins HS, just two days after she returned to work following The Post’s front-page expose about hateful incidents in the Sheepshead Bay school, the educator said.

The superintendent does not want me in the district,” Kaminsky said.

Nathaniel Styer, a spokesman for the city Department of Education, said “teachers are only transferred upon their request.”

At a press conference Thursday, Banks sympathized with a teen who drew a mustache on his face, knocked on classroom doors, and gave the Hitler salute, according to reports and photos from security footage.

Yeah, Hitler’s back in fashion, Jews.

You created this situation, dear Jews.

You can say “oh well, we’re not responsible for Israel,” but for the last 80 years, we’ve all been told “Israel is Jews and Jews are Israel.” You Jews said (and still say) any criticism of Israel is criticism of Jews generally (“antisemitism”).

Further: very few of you Jews are even trying to distance yourselves from this massacre in Gaza.

“We had one student who suffered greatly from that. His picture was in the paper,” Banks said, referring to a blurred photo of the unnamed youth. “I don’t want to get into particulars because of privacy issues, but he needed a lot of support.”

Kaminsky’s transfer follows the reassignment of campus manager Michael Beaudry, who also spoke up about the antisemitic and anti-LGBTQ hate he witnessed at Origins, and the lax discipline of students for bias and bullying.

They’re trying to shut us up,” Kaminsky told The Post. “I live in constant fear for telling the truth.”

I am so tired of hearing about how afraid you Jews are.

You know who lives in constant fear?

Children in Gaza.

Kaminsky, 33, returned to her classroom Monday a week after The Post revealed the teacher’s complaints of harassment by a group of students who bullied Jewish teachers and classmates, especially since the Israel-Hamas war.

Most students were “unwelcoming” with remarks like, “I can’t believe you actually went to the media,” Kaminsky said.

They should have believed it.

They apparently didn’t know much about Jews.

But they’re learning.

Everyone is learning.

This situation triggered by the Gaza massacre is a big learning experience for the whole world.

Eventually, everyone is going to say “Hitler was right.”

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.