Denmark Says They’re Going to Conscript Women (For Equality)

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen: The only legit feminist?

The fact that women have avoided registering for conscription for so many decades while claiming all of the rights of men is proof that feminism was never about equality, but rather about maximizing the advantages of women over men.


Denmark may become the latest Scandinavian nation to start forcing women to serve in its military, expanding its conscription program to help bolster defenses amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen unveiled the initiative on Wednesday in Copenhagen, telling reporters that requiring women to join the military will help achieve “full equality between the sexes.” She added, “We do not rearm because we want war. We are rearming because we want to avoid it.”

Denmark’s military currently has about 13,700 troops, including 9,000 professional soldiers and 4,700 conscripts in training. Frederiksen’s government aims to increase the number of conscripts to 5,000 and to make both men and women subject to compulsory service.

I’ve never claimed to be a math genius, but I don’t think that is enough soldiers to fight Russia.

Danish law currently requires all able-bodied men to be conscripted for about four months of military service. Not all men are forced to serve because volunteers reduce the need for compulsory enlistment. Female volunteers currently account for about 25% of Denmark’s 4,700 short-term forces.

Plans call for enacting a new conscription law in 2025 and implementing the system in 2026. The new troops will spend five months in training, followed by six months of operational service.

The region’s security landscape has become “more and more serious, and we have to take that into account when we look at future defense,” Danish Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen told reporters. “A broader basis for recruiting that includes all genders is needed.”

If Denmark or any other Western state does this, it will be a symbolic gesture, and they’re certainly not going to be sending women to the front lines.

There is already a model for this in Israel, where the military conscripts women for photoshoots.

You’re not seeing women soldiers in Gaza, are you? No, you’re not.

Women are not physically capable. They can claim “equality” all they want, but women are much weaker than men physically, and that cannot be hidden. You can hide their mental and spiritual weakness pretty well, but the fact that they can’t do pull-ups cannot be hidden.

The also don’t have the testosterone or adrenaline levels necessary for ultra violence. When even minor violence happens, women just start screaming and crying. (I guess they could force all these conscripts to take testosterone shots, lol.)

The only country that might actually send women to the frontlines is the Ukraine. It appears that the current plan of the Kiev government is “just kill everyone.” Zelensky has already said he wants to replace the decimated population with a new multicultural utopia imported from Africa and the Middle East, so there is definite evidence he just wants to kill everyone.