WaPo Says Biden Knew Israel was Purposefully Killing Kids in October, Continued to Say They Were “Defending Themselves”

Why would the WaPo print this???

Have they been infiltrated by Israeli agents pushing for a Trump win???

Find out the exciting answer this November, when America will hold a totally contrived, fake election where the winning candidate is directly selected by Jews!


The White House knew since late October that Israel was regularly bombing civilian targets in Gaza, but President Joe Biden continued to publicly defend the Israeli military’s conduct, the Washington Post reported on Monday.

On October 27, three weeks into Israel’s war with Hamas, Biden’s top foreign policy officials told a small group at the White House that “Israel was regularly bombing buildings without solid intelligence that they were legitimate military targets,” the newspaper wrote, citing three sources familiar with the meeting.

I think everyone in the world already knew that on October 27.

But it is still a kind of shocking fact that WaPo is coming out to let you know that Biden had official reports confirming it as a factual matter.

The officials also expressed concern that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had no clear plan for defeating the Palestinian militant group, with one source telling the Post that “from the very beginning, there’s been a sense of us not knowing how the Israelis were going to do what they said they were going to do.”


This is what I told you people.

Remember, everyone was acting like Israel could just roll in and “take Gaza.” I told you this was “the Ukraine is winning” type moronic gibberish.

The admission that there was no plan is actually bigger in itself than the admission Biden got reports the Jew were doing a genocide.

But the admission about Biden is more relevant, because it shows the media is actively attempting to suppress any remaining support for Biden (which can really only mean one thing).

At the time, the US was rushing military aid to Israel. Two weeks before the meeting, Biden visited the Jewish state and publicly declared that “as long as the United States stands…[Israel] will not be alone.” On the same day as the meeting, White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters that the US would not impose any “red lines” on how Israel conducted its military campaign.

The meeting did little to change the rhetoric of Biden or his officials. The president didn’t criticize Israel over the repeated bombing of a refugee camp in early November. Likewise, the White House publicly backed Israel’s decision to bomb Gaza’s largest hospital later that month, with Kirby telling reporters that Hamas had hidden a command center beneath the facility.

Oh man, that shit was so funny. I mean, obviously darkly funny (this is a campaign of the mass slaughter of children, you know). But still so funny.

No one believed there was a “Hamas Base” under the hospital. The claim was cartoonish on its face. But the Jews said it, then all of these Biden people came out and repeated it. It was like something out of “The Naked Gun.”

Then the Jews destroyed the hospital (while shooting people trying to flee) and there was no Hamas base, and coverage of the story just ended.

Behind the scenes, however, US officials worried that such a statement would be seen by the Israelis as a “green light” to attack the hospital, the Washington Post reported. Democratic Senator Chris van Hollen told the newspaper that there was “some disconnect” between what Kirby said and what US intelligence reports actually showed, without explaining further.

I don’t think there’s any need to explain further.

US intelligence knew the obvious: there was no “Hamas base” under the hospital.

(Note: The concept of a “Hamas base” is sort of retarded, because they exist in a system of interconnected tunnels, which allow them to be everywhere and nowhere. Israel spent days bombarding the hospital, so even if there had been a “base” under it, it would have been totally evacuated. Any “base” in the tunnel system can be evacuated in minutes, but when it takes days to get to a supposed “base” because you have to destroy a hospital and kill everyone inside, they could be moving weapons, tables, chairs, appliances, and whatever else out of the “base.”)

Amid growing discontent from his own voters, Biden has since become more critical of Netanyahu. As early as January, the US president claimed that he was “quietly working with the Israeli government to get them to reduce and significantly get out of Gaza.” However, “When those conversations yielded little result, US officials offered few public rebukes and no evident consequences,” the Post’s sources said.

“At every juncture, Netanyahu has given Biden the finger,” van Hollen told Axios in January, declaring that the Biden administration is “pleading with the Netanyahu coalition, but getting slapped in the face over and over again.”

Well, he has no reason not to.

The Israelis control the most powerful lobby in Washington. They effectively control the entire US government, though they share power with domestic Jews who may sometimes have slightly different priorities.

While Bibi has no reason to do anything any US official tells him to do, we do have to wonder about his sanity, and what exactly it is he is trying to accomplish. Remember, the insider trading before the October 7 attack proved that Bibi had foreknowledge of the attack (as did lots of other Jews). It was already obvious before the insider trading reveal, because that kind of security failure was just obviously impossible.

So this was all pre-planned.

But what is the plan?

Apparently, the plan is to completely decimate Gaza, killing everyone or forcing them out, then occupying a barren territory and spending potentially years getting Hamas out of the tunnels. There is also apparently a plan to invade Lebanon. This is all while just hoping that every Islamic country is in too much disarray, and/or too corrupt, to attack Israel.

The latter thing is probably true, but the populations of Islamic countries are all calling for war on Israel. I mean, think about if it was your situation. I’m from Ohio, and if Jews were mass slaughtering children in Kentucky, I’d be demanding Ohio mobilize a military to stop these Jews. I’d sign up to go fight. All Ohio men who were not total cowards would want to be involved in stopping the slaughter in Kentucky. At some point, if the government of Ohio continued to refuse to organize a military defense of Kentucky, it would lead to political unrest.

You see?

This is the situation that the leader of every Islamic country is in right now. They have populations of young men who – let’s just be real – are a lot more masculine and brave than young Western white men who are demanding they be mobilized and sent to fight these Jews.

What’s more, if Erdogan moved against Israel, and then won, he could fulfill his dream of reestablishing the Ottoman Empire. Any Islamic leader who defeated Israel would establish himself as leader of all Moslems (and yes, that would pretty much transcend the Shia-Sunni split).

So, what happens next?

No one knows.

I sure as hell don’t.

What is definitely clear is that the global situation is much more tense than it was in the 1930s. So, I guess you can just come to your own conclusions about what that implies.