Switzerland: Cops Raid Nationalist Event, Arrest Man Attempting to Say Mean Words

We’ve always been skeptical of anyone who had anything to do with the old “Alt-Right,” as it seems the whole thing was turned into a gigantic intelligence operation.

That said, Sellner has always seemed like a solid guy. He was only vaguely associated with the Alt-Right anyway, because he married that pureblooded Aryan tradwife from America. I forget her name.

Unlike most people from the 2000s-teens, he’s kept up his activism and kept it normal.

He’s probably going to be sent to prison forever.


A prominent European far-right figure was prevented from giving a speech at an event in Switzerland and thrown out of the region where it was taking place.

Martin Sellner of the Identitarian Movement said in a video posted on social media network X that he had been invited by a local group, Junge Tat (Young Deed), to “talk about remigration and the ethnic vote” and what happened at a recent meeting in Germany that prompted a string of large protests there. Remigration refers to the return, sometimes forced, of non-ethnically European immigrants back to their place of racial origin.

Sellner, who comes from neighboring Austria, said that a few minutes after he started speaking at the event Saturday, the electricity was turned off and he was taken to a police station, then told he was thrown out of Aargau canton (state) and escorted to Zurich.

Regional police said in a statement that they tracked down the Junge Tat event in the small town of Tegerfelden on Saturday after receiving a number of tips. They found some 100 people at the venue and said that, after the landlady found out about the contents of the planned meeting, she canceled the contract for it.

Police said they told organizers to end the event, but they didn’t obey. Without identifying Sellner by name, they said the speaker was held and ordered out of the canton “to safeguard public security” and prevent confrontations with opponents.

He was let out and then tweeted this:

He’s very careful to follow laws.

But eventually, they will just change the laws, then retroactively charge him. Or they’ll set him up for something.

It’s all very difficult and frustrating, but it’s just the reality that the West does not tolerate any form of real, effective dissent. They will crush you.

You really need to be an aggressive Christian to even deal with the psychological impact of this kind of work. Even if it wasn’t true, you would have to believe that God is going to protect you and that you will be rewarded after death for doing the right thing.