Do Kikes Love Faggots More Than Niggers?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 6, 2019

Molly Conger AKA Socialist Dog Mom is a Charlottesville Antifa communist and an ugly ratfaced wench, probably a Jew.

Seriously – she looks like a caricature.


Imagine that this is what you’re supposed to be working hard to get to have sex with. You shouldn’t be an incel, because some day you might hit that, goyim.

So this bitch is against straight people, and was harassing the straight pride parade when that was happening. She posted a video on August 31 attacking some niggerbitch who was sick of these cocksucking faggots running around all over the place.

Then, yesterday, she posted a call to dox this faggot-hating niggerbitch.

She has since deleted the tweet, after people were like “bitch do you hate niggers?”

I guess the fact she deleted it means that she isn’t quite ready to push the idea that black women can be hunted down and destroyed for refusing to endorse men fucking each other up the ass.

But that is a conundrum that is going to need to be figured out soon. Because black people don’t much like faggots.

So you’d better organize this thing, ladies and Jews, and figure out the exact order of your oppression groups.