The Science Now Merging “Vaccines” for “Coronavirus” and “the Flu”

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Let’s make all the shots into a mega shot, and people have to get them every day or they go to prison.

This will save humanity.


There could be a combined Covid-19 and flu shot in our future, although it won’t be ready for this year’s flu season.

On Monday, vaccine maker Moderna announced positive late-stage trial results for its Covid-flu combination vaccine it calls mRNA-1083.

Calling the outcome of the late-stage trial “breakthrough results,” Moderna’s Chief Medical Affairs Officer Francesca Ceddia told CNN that people in the trial who got mRNA-1083 showed an improved immune response compared with those who got the standalone flu and Covid vaccines that are available now. The results were true even for people in the trial who were 65 years and older. Generally, older people don’t mount as robust a response to vaccines as younger people do.

“When we think about the combination vaccine, we often only think about the element of convenience, one shot instead of two, but what is really, really breakthrough is the fact that you not only offer that advantage, you also offer the proof of clinical benefit. I think this is the most important message,” Ceddia said.

Other companies have been testing a combined Covid-flu vaccine, but Moderna is the first to announce positive late-stage trial results.

Public health leaders say the world could use more ways to protect people from both viruses. Millions of people get sick with the flu and now Covid every year. For the last flu season, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates 35 to 64 million people got sick with the flu in the United States. Between 390,000 and 810,000 people were so sick they were hospitalized and up to 71,000 people died. Just for last fall and winter, Covid sent more than a half-million people in the US to the hospital and killed 40,000, according to data presented last week to the US Food and Drug Administration’s independent vaccine advisers, who were discussing how to update Covid vaccines for the fall.

Few people got the latest Covid shot, studies show. Only about 25% of the eligible population has received the latest Covid-19 vaccine, according to a presentation to the FDA last week. Many more adults got the flu shot with nearly half of the adult population getting one last season, according to the CDC, a number that was slightly higher than the year before.

I feel the need to remind everyone: the unvaxed are not dying.

For whatever that is worth.

People who did not take the “vaccine” are not dying.

I’ve yet to come across anyone who regretted not taking it.