Don’t Forget to Send Crypto…!

Remember what we’re fighting for.

It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned the fact that this site runs purely on donations.

We do not have ads, we do not have private funding – it’s just you guys.

You can go back and look at what we had coming in when we were still using bitcoin, and it didn’t really pay the bills, and we basically relied on bitcoin price increases to cover costs. Obviously, all crypto is down now, and a lot less crypto is coming in since we switched exclusively to monero to protect you – the people.

I have a full guide on how to send monero if you’re a crypto novice. If you’re not a crypto novice, you can just get it on any exchange. We’ve been running at a loss for like, a year. So… consider sending something.

In fact, if you’re rich: consider sending A LOT.

Despite the constant censorship and domain thefts, we remain the most widely read pro-white and anti-Jewish website on the internet – by a lot. Like, by a lot, lot. Like I don’t even know what the closest competitor would be, but it wouldn’t even have 10% of our traffic. So if you care about that, it’s pretty important you help keep us up.

These domain switches are as expensive as they are time consuming. Right now, the only way to build up backlinks so people can find the site is to post on Gab, which is not really my preferred way to spend my time.

What we are doing is actually amazing, however. Within a month of getting a domain stolen, we get back up to 3 million + monthly unique visitors. No one has ever done anything like this before.

So again – it’s a good investment in the future of America, of the white race. For this type of content in this genre, we are the only game in town. Undisputed champions. With no bits coming in.

Obviously, if you’re broke, don’t worry about it.

However, if you are not broke – do worry about it, and SEND A LOT.

Thank you all!

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