Podcast Celebration of Ten Years of Storming Daily

It’s been ten years, folks.

Today is the day: ten years.

I’ve worked every day. I used to say “except Christmas,” but really, on Christmas I just write one post. But it’s usually a thousand words, and that’s more than most journalists do in a week.

The site was established as a joke site for middle school boys – and look how far we’ve come.

Over the last ten years, I have established myself as the greatest journalist ever, and this is now totally undisputed.

There have been some bumps along the road, of course. I became the most censored man ever in all of human history because I made fun of a dead fat whore. There were some various other bumps.

Overall, it’s been pure fun, and I am very blessed to have this job.

I was going to write a “retrospective” thing, which I still hope to do, but today I have a special podcast celebrating the anniversary, where I talk about my life and the history of the site. I did this with the folks from Lore Crimes.

Here is the .mp3 on Soundcloud:

Here’s Telegram:

(You can also add their RSS feed to your app here.)

I enjoy podcasting. Unfortunately, my former cohost, Paul Town, was killed by the Mossad and replaced with a clone. I hope to launch a new podcast in the near future.

Here’s to ten more years of WINNING.