Don’t Ignore the Class War

Brett Light
Daily Stormer
October 9, 2013

He knew how to fix "class warfare"
He knew how to fix “class warfare”

We all know that Jews are moneyed up creatures. The first image that comes to mind when picturing a typical Jew is the cartoon of him grinning at a thick bundle of cash in his hand. The stereotype is true, and that’s why it exists. The famous Jewish ability to ‘get’ money, without ever earning it, is the source of all his power today.

This ‘power of the purse’ has enabled the Jewish beast to cement control over pretty much everything in the modern Western world, including all of our political machinery. We understand that the Talmudic mindset of the Jew permeates every facet of our society. His slimy tentacles have ensnared everything in the grip of his unnatural doctrine of Marxism, which divides every aspect of society into two opposing halves. He then agitates both sides for war against the other.

We understand how the Jew does this with the issue of race. Saving our White race is our most important task, but this doesn’t mean we should neglect the fact that the Jews cause countless other wars under the banner of perceived injustice. This perceived injustice is the Marxist way of explaining why inequality exists, and also what they use as their excuse to agitate for war between the two sides. They do the same process with race, gender, class, and anything else you can think of!

In the ‘White Nationalist’ movement, there is a common knee-jerk reaction to label anyone who speaks of worker’s rights and class warfare as a communist. This is a very naive and stupid mistake. Acknowledging the fact that class warfare does exist, and is a real problem, does not make someone a communist or communist sympathiser!

Typical tribe member
Typical tribe member

In the couple of years leading up to my awakening to the Jewish and race problems, I explored communist ideology and class warfare, and found that there were many legitimate concerns and problems that these people addressed. The capitalists’ habit of skimming unearned profits off of the workers production is the main one.

Class warfare is basically a Jewish game, where they use peoples’ natural status in the societal hierarchy against them. They tell the workers that their management hates them and is oppressing them. They tell the management class how lazy the workers are. That leaves all the essential classes of people, who are supposed to be carrying out productive work, at war with each other, for no good reason! It’s the classic Jewish strategy of getting the workforce divided up into the unnecessary ‘us versus them’ game. Capitalism is made to appeal to the management class and communism to the working class. That’s the game, and it has real devastating effects when foisted upon any society. And of course, the Jews sit at the top of the power structure, stealing the profits and pulling the strings!

Adolf Hitler understood the realities of Jewish-promoted class warfare, and how destructive it is to any healthy, ordered, working society. He knew the Jews were pulling the strings of both capitalism and communism. He offered a genuine solution which restored the natural order: National Socialism. It worked brilliantly. The point here is that ignoring the reality of class warfare, and labeling anyone who mentions it a communist, is simply stupid. Imagine how Hitler would have gone restoring the German nation if he couldn’t deal with the class warfare issue, or set up ‘workers fronts’ to solve workplace disputes. He would have gotten nowhere! It would be rather stupid to ignore the class-war aspect of the Jewish agenda, since a productive, healthy workforce, is essential to any properly functioning society.

She has a good attitude
She has a good attitude

How does all this relate to how we should deal with communists and communist sympathisers?

Since I have learnt about communistic thought through my own personal awakening process, I can safely say that there are many genuine people who identify with communism, simply because haven’t put together the bigger picture – I was one of these people!

When dealing with people who have fallen into this trap, we should assess the person’s character before condemning them as an incurable communist. If they are reasonable and just need a little coaxing out of it, then we should work on them. The genuinely misled are good people and just need redirecting, over to our side! This is what the National Socialists did.

The way to tell if a person is reachable is by examining how deeply they believe in the cultural doctrine of Marx’ teachings. If they truly believe that gender does not exist, and that the family must be destroyed in order for the worker to triumph, then they are probably too far gone. If, however, they side with communism due to its purported support of the lower classes, they can likely still be saved.

The dedicated communists, who actually understand and religiously believe in the core doctrine of Marxism, must be dealt with severely; they are our mortal enemies, and will stop at nothing in their quest to destroy everything we are trying to protect.

As a movement, we need to better hone our skills at character examination. We must avoid knee-jerk, reactionary behavior, and we must not alienate potential allies. Labeling someone, without thorough prior thought, or a good reason to do so, is reactionary, and contrary to the uplifting Aryan spirit of National Socialism. We should leave the petty and pathetically weak-minded reactionary behavior to our dedicated enemies: the Jews and committed communist scum!

We are superior to our enemies, and we should act accordingly.