East Palestine Train Debacle Finally Hits the Top News

The Guardian goes based?

Google News is always worth checking because it syndicates its top stories based on what the larger mainstream media is promoting.

Finally, after weeks, the East Palestine, Ohio train crash, which spilled thousands of pounds of toxic chemicals, permanently destroying a small town and probably poisoning all of Ohio and West Virginia, has made it to the top of Google News.

Here’s the deal: the new version of Twitter, by Elon Musk, has totally changed the news game already.

People are allowed to say their views, and this means the media can be called out for things like say, covering up the biggest ecological disaster in American history in favor of promoting gibberish about space aliens and Chinese people.

Current Twitter is not perfect – I was just suspended for a week for mocking people who complain constantly about the Chinese.

As you can see, that is not a racist statement. It is mocking people who believe that the Chinese are a bigger threat than the people in Washington controlling our country.

Also, I do not think that “Chinaman” is a slur. It means “man of China.” Twitter needs to go ask the Chinamen if they find that word offensive.

Ethan Ralph was also recently suspended based on some trumped-up gibberish. Presently, they are allowing waste-scum – specifically, the Anal Ukraine Fighting Legion – to report people and get them suspended on false premises.

However, I expect that will be fixed. I’m submitting a complaint every day during my suspension and telling them I was being sarcastic, and hopefully I get a response.

I think in the longer term, some of this really goofy “hate speech” stuff is going to be scaled back. I can sort of understand not being allowed to say “nigger” – I don’t agree, but I understand. But not being allowed to say “Chinaman” is goofy.

Regardless: aside from this race stuff, and maybe some of the tranny stuff, you can say whatever you want. That is: you can express any opinion. I could have said what I wanted to say there without getting suspended (and would have if I’d known).

Allowing people to express their opinions in a straightforward way is going to break the media. They have been operating for five years under the premise that the government will coordinate mass censorship across all social media platforms. And that is now over.

It’s going to take them a bit of time to adjust.

As you can see in the above Google News screenshot, the story that made it to the top box is from The Guardian, a British outlet that while extremely liberal is less Jewish than American media, and so is often covering things the American media shies away from for Jewish reasons.

Several American outlets do have stories up about East Palestine, but the big Jew papers in the US are still trying to shill this UFO and balloon gibberish on people.

The top of the New York Times right now is like a parody:

The single biggest ecological disaster in American history is way down yonder in the Chattahoochee getting hotter than a hoochie coochie – they put banal daily Ukraine war reports before East Palestine!

WaPo is even worse, putting a story about Starbucks (??) ahead of this chemical crisis.

But it doesn’t matter where these outlets decide to rank this news, because no one gets their news by going to the home page of those sites. They get it syndicated by Google, Yahoo, or Apple, and those sites are putting East Palestine at the top, because that is what people are reading, because people on Twitter got the word out.

Now that the media is covering the story, they are still downplaying it. They are just talking about the residents of East Palestine complaining they want to go back to their houses but their homes are in a toxic waste zone.

That is obviously relevant, but in the scheme of things, if these people get a payout and can go buy new houses, it’s not really that big of a deal. Which is how they’re framing it – not a big deal.

The big deal is the fact that all of those people are going to be dying of early onset cancer in the next few years. The small animals all died pretty much instantly on exposure, which means humans have 5-10 years.

Then you have the even bigger deal that the entire Ohio River may well be poisoned – we don’t know, because no one is talking about it, but it seems like it would be – which would mean that half of Ohio, most of West Virginia, and the better part of Kentucky are going to be poisoned.

If you take the media narrative that this is not a big deal and the doom narratives about the Ohio River being poisoned and split it down the middle – which is probably the most reasonable thing to do at this point – you still have the worst ecological disaster in American history, and a disaster much more extreme than the Chernobyl meltdown.

And of course, the doom-sayers could be right, and this could basically give tens of millions of people early-onset cancer within the decade.

Now that’s what I would call “hotter than a hoochie coochie.”

It’s really just unfathomable that the media is attempting to downplay this by spamming people with gobbledygook about space aliens.

If it wasn’t for Twitter, they probably could just make it go away like they did the side effects of the vax.