Ebonics Translation: 42 Dugg’s “One Time”

Stormer Ebonics Translations is a series of ebonics-to-English translations of rap music songs, designed to help non-native ebonics speakers better understand the vibrancy and deep-rooted heritage of black culture.

A recent song by rap artist 42 Dugg has gotten a lot of play in the scene. With only 1.8 million views, it is not as popular as some other recent songs, but it is considered very “real” by “niggas on the street,” and therefore is a good metric of black culture.

Dugg spent a good deal of time in prison, where he honed his rap skills. At 15, he was sentenced to 4 years because of racism (and carjacking). Because of racism, he repeatedly got in fights in prison, so his sentence was extended, and he was not released until he was 22. By that time, he’d spent a lot of time in solitary confinement, where he was able to focus on his flows.

The video for “One Time” is a joyful display of the black cultural values that keep the black community so strong and united, even in the face of overwhelming racism that exists for no reason.

Here’s a screenshot:

Along with struggling in the rap industry because of the color of his skin, Dugg has also faced vertical challenges, being that he is only 5’2″. However, we may be reminded of the words of Thomas Jefferson: “The invention of the firearm made everyone tall.” We may also remember the Old West adage: “God Created Men and Sam Colt Made Them Equal.”

If anything, Dugg has an advantage in a gun fight, because he is a smaller target.

That said, it is a very disrespectful racist trope to claim that black culture is fixated on violence. In fact, blacks are very peaceful, and only appear to be violent due to unfair stereotypes created by the white supremacy police.

Translator’s Note: Some ebonic words and phrases have no direct meaning in English, and may also not have any meaning in ebonics. However, I have strived to properly communicate the core intended meaning of these lyrics. 

“One Time” by 42 Dugg – Complete English Translation

Hello, Veno
I am wearing ten gold chains, likely having a total value of one million dollars
Veno is manufacturing crack cocaine presently
I pull down the curtains in my G Class Mercedes-Maybach, because of this people have turned against me
I have a suitcase full of firearms, I have been known to steal firearms

People are claiming that this man is not a police informant, but if that is true, why is he not being indicted?
A lot of men can’t produce high quality music
I walk around in public places with a large fully-loaded firearm capable of serious destruction
Why are you carrying a firearm if you are not planning to commit murder?
People want to be friends with me now, but they did not write me letters when I was in prison

This woman is attracted to me because I don’t care about anything, and I appreciate this
You should not have a gang war with me because my gang has a lot of members who are proficient at murder
This woman should stop speaking loudly to me or I will rape her
I make a lot of money from my music, which everyone knows is very good
I respect men who do not cooperate with the police

Please relax, it is time to be serious
This physically fit mulatto female wants to engage in intercourse with me
When I visit Detroit, people behave very well
I am sad my friend was murdered
I own many pairs of expensive sneakers
I drive down Wilshere Blvd to visit my drug dealer’s house
I don’t need to examine the drugs, because this dealer is very honest
Identify yourself if you are a woman I have copulated with

Greetings to my former girlfriend who I plan to physically abuse in the near future
Greetings to my various former girlfriends
I am an authentic representative of the community
I am an authentic representative of the community
Many local criminals are performing poorly and making less money
Stop telling other people that I create problems, I am talented and wealthy
My friend is very tired, I have advised him to consume narcotics

I am a talented musician so I do not use autotune
I plan to release a lot of new music in the future
Do you know how to make music, buddy? Do not cause problems for me
These three women have very large buttocks
My friend Lou has a nephew and a niece
They are not aware that their uncle committed a murder, but no one cares anyway
I have just been informed that a young boy has arrived with a gang member
I gave them $500 to commit a murder, but they would do it for free because they enjoy killing
This is a large amount of narcotics
I will give this young boy some narcotics

Veno is manufacturing crack cocaine presently