“Eco-Friendly” Recycled Plastic Bottles Much More Toxic to Humans!

Why don’t these freaks ever do anything that isn’t destructive?

Their “solution” to clean coal and natural gas is poisonous solar panels built by African children, and inconceivably ugly windmills to Holocaust the birds.

Their solution to plastic is even worse plastic.

The Guardian:

A widely used kind of recycled plastic bottle passes more potentially harmful chemicals into their contents than newly manufactured bottles, researchers have warned.

Researchers from Brunel University London found 150 chemicals that leached into drinks from plastic bottles, with 18 of those chemicals found in levels exceeding regulations.

And they found that drinks bottled using recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) can contained higher concentrations of chemicals than those bottled using new PET, which suggests that problems with the recycling process may be causing contamination.

They are calling for more careful recycling methods to remove the potentially harmful chemicals.

The thermoplastic PET is the third most widely used type of plastic in food packaging, with one of its most popular end uses in single-use drinks bottles. Such bottles are also one of the most commonly found forms of plastic litter, leading to a number of initiatives to increase levels of PET recycling. A recent EU directive called for PET bottles to contain at least 30% recycled content by 2030.

But PET is also known for being the source of a number of potential chemical contaminants, including endocrine disruptors such as Bisphenol A, which can cause reproductive disorders, cardiovascular problems and cancer, among other ill effects.

The researchers reviewed 91 studies from around the world looking at chemical contamination from plastic bottles. Dr Eleni Iacovidou, a lecturer from Brunel’s centre for pollution research and policy, who led the study, said: “We found these chemicals can come from various sources, such as the catalysts and additives used during production and degradation during PET production, and degradation that can happen across a bottle’s lifecycle.”

Recycling plastic bottles has to be one of the most retarded propositions of modernity. “Save the environment by harming humans, except you’re not really saving the environment because you’re spreading toxic plastics and chemicals everywhere!”

Glass bottles are the ultimate recyclable and non-contaminant container for drinks.

Putting plastic in contact with foods and drinks is the hallmark of the modern pleb.

Single use plastic should be abandoned and replaced with “recycled” glass – i.e., you get 15% off your milk when you return the bottle, which is then cleaned and reused.

Many third world countries still collect beer and soda bottles, which are sent back to the factory, cleaned and refilled.