Edward Snowden Confirmed to be a Soy-Faced Pooftah, Beta Male

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 14, 2019

Edward Snowden is back in the news again, talking about how he fears AI and facial recognition software. He’s also giving interviews with the sister flagship of Globo-Homo, The Guardian.

Something is up with this guy.

But you gotta read between the lines to see it.

The Guardian:

The man whose state surveillance revelations rocked the world speaks exclusively to the Guardian about his new life and concerns for the future

The world’s most famous whistleblower, Edward Snowden, says he has detected a softening in public hostility towards him in the US over his disclosure of top-secret documents that revealed the extent of the global surveillance programmes run by American and British spy agencies.

In an exclusive two-hour interview in Moscow to mark the publication of his memoirs, Permanent Record, Snowden said dire warnings that his disclosures would cause harm had not come to pass, and even former critics now conceded “we live in a better, freer and safer world” because of his revelations.

Let’s just stop it right there.

Snowden thinks that the situation has improved in the last five years. This sort of viewpoint can only be held by the shit-libbiest of all shitlibs. I mean, you have to be sitting on Reddit every day to think that this new hyper-censored hellscape that we find ourselves in is an improvement in any way.

Forget about what’s happening to conservatives and gamers, what about your fellow leftist, Julian Assange?

Have we forgotten what happened to him?

Meanwhile, Snowden is bitching about having to live in Moscow.

While he would rather be in the US or somewhere like Germany, he is relaxed in Russia, now able to lead a more or less normal daily life. He is less fearful than when he first arrived in 2013, when he felt lonely, isolated and paranoid that he could be targeted in the streets by US agents seeking retribution.

“I was very much a person the most powerful government in the world wanted to go away. They did not care whether I went away to prison. They did not care whether I went away into the ground. They just wanted me gone,” he said.

He has dispensed with the scarves, hats and coats he once used as disguises and now moves freely around the city, riding the metro, visiting art galleries or the ballet, joining friends in cafes and restaurants.

Even people who dislike him personally were now prepared to accept “we live in a better, freer and safer world because of the revelations of mass surveillance”, he said.

One of the Democratic presidential candidates, Bernie Sanders, said he would like to see a resolution that would end Snowden’s permanent exile, while another, the congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, said in May she would pardon him.

Yeah, Tulsi was the only one who came out and said that, but she got kicked off the debating stage by the DNC, so how’d that work out in the end? Snowden’s thesis is flimsy and retarded.

Fears that President Vladimir Putin might hand him over as a gift to Donald Trump have receded as relations between the US and Russia have cooled.

Snowden said it helped that Russia viewed him as useful publicity.

“A country whose political troubles are legendary, whose problems with human rights we hear about every single day has finally, somehow, managed to have one bright spot on their human rights record … Why would they give that up?” 

I don’t know what I hate most about Edward Snowden. Is it that he’s got this soft, effeminate manner about him?

Is it because he takes shots at Russia and whines publicly about wanting to live in Germany instead?

Perhaps it is because he handed over his treasure trove to gay kike journalist Glenn Greenwald, who has just sat on it like a fat tick and used the prestige to launch The Intercept, which is a dedicated shill site that is no different from all the others?

Hard to say.

Consider: Even Julian Assange himself threw shade at Edward Snowden back in the day, basically calling him an ungrateful sell-out.

Snowden criticized Assange for being too transparent and said that he was a good goy for handing over the files to Glenn Greenwald to be curated, instead of just publishing them. Assange, however, said that Snowden was angling for a pardon then.

I don’t think anything has changed now. 

These Guardian fluff pieces about Snowden seem to confirm my suspicion that something is up with this guy. He actually says that he misses Taco Bell in the article.

Taco Bell. 

No one misses Taco Bell, folks. In fact, I’ve never heard anyone utter that phrase in my entire life. No one will even admit that they eat there – it’s a source of great personal shame for most well-adjusted human beings.

Anyways, there’s almost no substance in this fluff piece by The Guardian. Snowden doesn’t say anything of any interest about AI or about surveillance tech – the article focuses instead on his junk food habits and ingratitude.

We may never know what was in those documents that he leaked, but we know for a fact now that Edward Snowden is a pooftah and a beta male who shouldn’t be taken seriously.