LA Fines Universal Studios $250 for Trimming Trees to Weaponize Heat Against Striking Actors

Finally, these Jews are paying the ultimate price for their tree trimming.

Wait a second… $250 is not the ultimate price.

I thought they were going to get shoved into a cage with an eagle and a bear.

This is a very big disappointment.

New York Post:

Universal Pictures has been slapped with a $250 fine for trimming trees that had provided shade to WGA workers striking in the Southern California heat, according to city officials.

Los Angeles City Controller Kenneth Mejia revealed on Wednesday that the city did not grant the necessary permits to trim the Ficus trees outside of Universal’s Gate 8. On Friday, he confirmed that the studios were issued a $250 citation — the most the city could demand in the situation.

StreetsLA fines all first-time offenders – regardless of # of trees at issue – a $250 penalty. If violations continue, the fines can grow to $1,000,” he posted in a lengthy Twitter thread. “If trees are found to be significantly damaged, StreetsLA can require the offenders plant two trees per damaged tree.”

In this case, StreetsLA determined the trees were not significantly damaged and will likely recover in 6-12 months,” Mejia continued. “Through our investigation, we’ve learned that StreetsLA can’t proactively protect our 700,000+ City trees and investigate abuse. The City has only 12 inspectors.”

WGA and SAG–AFTRA  workers were outraged when they returned to the picket line to find that the trees had been trimmed during their ongoing strike. An online post of the bare trees quickly went viral.

Seriously though.

These Jews cut the trees.

Who would even think to do something like that?

It’s a rhetorical question, because only the Jews would ever think of something like that.