El Salvador: Jewish Pressure Groups Warn Bukele is Getting More Based

“Today, El Salvador has the lowest homicide rate in the Western Hemisphere.”

These “human rights” people are such cancer.

Bukele got the murder rate down to zero, saving thousands of people a year from what are often very gruesome deaths.

In response, the international Jewish pressure and gay sex activism group, Amnesty International (apparently not busy with the Gaza situation), calls for gangs to be let out on the streets.

I don’t know what “human rights” means. It appears to be more or less interchangeable with “democracy” as more of a “certified fresh (by the Jews)” label than a defined concept. In many cases, however, “human rights” appears to mean “mass suffering and death.” It is always used in a way that necessarily implies an increase in crime.

“Human rights” is used to explain why hundreds of millions of immigrants should be brought into white countries to loot and pillage. It’s used to explain why Burma should allow Moslems to commit terrorism. It is now used to explain why the most violent gangs on earth should be allowed to roam the streets in El Salvador.


As El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele embarks on his second term in office, an international rights group has warned that his war on gangs has created a spiralling human rights crisis.

As of February 2024, Bukele’s draconian two-year campaign, which has seen the authorities detain about 78,000 people, has caused 235 deaths in state custody, said Amnesty International on Wednesday. Citing a local rights group, it also reported 327 cases of enforced disappearances.

Who is missing these people enough to report their disappearance?

“Reducing gang violence by replacing it with state violence cannot be a success,” said Amnesty’s Americas director Ana Piquer in a statement. The Salvadoran government had adopted “disproportionate measures”, she said, denying, minimising and concealing human rights violations.

It is literally a success.

He’s saved thousands of lives.

Even if the numbers of dead and disappeared by the government are accurate, and even if you think a gang member’s life is worth the same as the life of one of their victims (very Jewish), there are still fewer people dying.

Bukele launched his war on gangs in March 2022, slashing homicides to the lowest rate in three decades after imposing a state of emergency that suspended the need for arrest warrants and the right to a fair trial, among other civil liberties. Prison overcrowding currently stands at 148 percent, according to Amnesty.

After Bukele consolidated power in a landslide win in February’s election, the rights group warned the situation looks set to worsen. “If this course is not corrected, the instrumentalization of the criminal process and the establishment of a policy of torture in the prison system could persist,” it said.

He’s got a mandate.

Some people think this is what “democracy” means. Of course, democracy means something very different when it is used by the Jews, having nothing to do with public opinion. Aside from the gang members themselves, I don’t think you could find a single person in El Salvador who wants the gangs released back onto the streets. But even if not a single person supports a policy, it is still “democracy” according to Jews.

Look at this:

Piquer said that Bukele had created a “false illusion” that he had found “the magic formula to solve the very complex problems of violence and criminality in a seemingly simple way”. She described the international community’s response as “timid”.

“The international community must respond in a robust, articulate and forceful manner, condemning any model of public security that is based on human rights violations,” she said.

It’s not an illusion. Everyone admits that the murder rate is at zero. That is the opposite of an illusion, it’s a hard fact.

The problem is not complex. It’s straightforward: criminals don’t commit crimes if they are in prison or dead.

This gibberish is just Jewish mumbo-jumbo.

This is Ana Piquer, the bitch who’d rather see you dead in a democracy than alive in a dictatorship