Elon Musk Blocks the Ukraine from Using Satellites for War

Elon is making his move.

There is a good chance this will be considered an act of war against NATO by the Jews in Congress.

We’ve got his back.

Don’t worry, Elon – the people are behind you.


SpaceX has reduced the Ukrainian military’s ability to use Starlink satellite internet service to control drones in its conflict with Russia, the company’s president Gwynne Shotwell has said.

SpaceX was “really pleased to be able to provide Ukraine connectivity,” but the technology “was never intended to be weaponized,” Shotwell told the 25th Annual FAA Commercial Space Transportation Conference in Washington on Wednesday.

“The Ukrainians have leveraged [Starlink] in ways that were unintentional and not part of any agreement. So you know, we have to work on that [with] Starlink,” she said.

Shotwell later clarified to journalists that she was talking about Kiev’s forces relying on Starlink to control drones in surveillance and attack operations.

“There are things that we can do to limit their ability to do that,” she explained, referring to Ukraine’s use of Starlink with the UAVs, as quoted by Reuters. “There are things that we can do, and have done,” Shotwell added, without identifying the exact measures that had been implemented.

The company president said the deal that SpaceX had with the government of Vladimir Zelensky provided for the satellite service to be applied for purely humanitarian purposes, such as providing internet to hospitals, banks and families affected by the fighting.

“We know the military is using them for comms, and that’s OK. But our intent was never to have them use it for offensive purposes,” she pointed out.

When asked if the company had anticipated that the technology might be abused by Kiev before providing it, the president said: “We didn’t think about it… But we learned pretty quickly.”

It’s not clear how Elon feels about war with the Chinese.

We now know that many of these people associated with this new version of the GOP are only against war with Russia because they want a war with China.

The Claremont Institute is responsible for most of these people, or is at least a base for them. Tucker Carlson is a part of this group, and their main representative. Tucker Carlson used to be my hero, and I thought he was just against the Chinese because they have small eyes and eat dogs, but in the last few months, it’s become clear that Tucker is fixated on actually going to war with the Chinese.

This week, since the balloon hoax, he’s just been talking crazy. He’s literally Sean Hannity. He’s got that gay midget Marco Rubio on there, he’s got all these other neocons from Congress – it’s scary to think that the average Fatmerican watching his show wouldn’t even notice the change in language as he moves to push for a war.

It was really a shocker for me. It actually makes me sick that I supported this guy and he sold us all out.

Oh well.

Serves me right, trusting someone.

It never made sense why he was allowed on Fox News.

But hey – now we know.

At least that mystery is solved.