Elon Musk Polls People on Whether or Not to Bring Back Trump?! (No to Alex Jones, Apparently)

Elon Musk is now polling the bots to see whether or not they want Donald Trump back.

I didn’t know this was a democracy.

But hey – I guess this gives Elon cover?

How gay.

The problem with the poll is, everyone who would want Trump back is also banned.

Trump is still winning – but only by a sliver.

Trump probably won’t even come back.

Elon, who is a fag, already said he’s not bringing back Alex Jones.


How can it be “free speech” without Alex Jones?

Mind you, this is while he’s following my plan to derank people who use slurs.

If he’s doing that, why is there a need to keep AJ banned and to poll people on Trump?

This is all completely gay and I hate it.