Elon Musk Says Soros is Like Magneto (Fact Check: True)

Elon Musk has declared that the Jew George Soros is like the Jew Magneto.

Unsurprisingly, a Jew poster brought up the fact that Magneto was a Hologram survivor, to which Elon replied that Soros “hates humanity.”

(Magneto also hates humanity, which is why Jews defend him – because Jews hate humanity.)

Soros recently revealed on Twitter that he is not dead.

Elon Musk might also hate humanity, however.

Why else would he permaban Andrew Anglin and Nick Fuentes?

What did either of us even do?

He’s saying now he’s going to try doing freedom again, and it’s like bro, you already said that over and over again. If there is transparency, then let me talk to a human and have them explain to me why I was banned.