Elon Musk Says Trump Would Win by a Landslide If He’s Arrested by the Bidens

Most of the “new right” of the GOP drifts into irrelevance, supporting faggot marriage (and claiming that anal fisting is love and faggots should kidnap children) and a war with the Chinese.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk has been getting better – and more edgy.

I remember years ago, whenever I would talk about political figures seeming good, people would say “stop looking for a hero!” I never really understood what that was intended to mean. Obviously, hoping the best for right-wing figures is simply reasonable, and if you’re not “looking for heroes” – i.e., believing that someone with power might do something good – then you’re just doomed to either be depressed or go live in the woods.

Elon’s journey seemed to start in earnest when one of his ex-wives turned his son into a tranny. Since then, he’s only gotten better and better. The long time reader will recall that I’m someone who was previously extremely critical of him.

I just calls em how I sees em.

That said, I keep expecting Elon to back off of the BASED and get on board with Tucker Carlson’s Traveling Anus Show (which includes both licking semen mixed with poop out of anuses and fisting anuses – Carlson calls the show “True Love”) and start claiming that all of America’s problems are the fault of the Chinese.

But he hasn’t done that yet. The worst he has done is signal potential support for Ron DeSantis.

I must say, however – this tweet confused me:

I’ve been saying for years that if Trump were to be arrested or otherwise indicted, the entire “conservative” media would say “he can’t possibly win – we need to rally around DeSantis” and DeSantis would win the nomination. I haven’t heard anyone give an alternative scenario. Team DeSantis is already going all out attacking Trump over the vaccine and January 6, and there is serious evidence this is having an effect.

What’s more: elections are fake.

We know that and it is really hard to take people seriously when they talk as though we could continue the mail-in ballot system of 2020 (and 2022) and have a fair election.

Trump seems to think you can “out win” the cheaters, but we know they will just shut down the count and bring in new ballots, and lock out all the observers, and then nothing will happen.

People stood by and watched the 2020 election be stolen and did nothing, so it just isn’t reasonable to put any faith at all in elections, unless there are some serious changes.

The Democrats currently have the ability to arrest the former president as a way to silence him, an ability which no political party in American history has ever had. The situation is very extreme. Trump is telling people to protest, but I’m old enough to remember what happened last time Trump told people to protest in his name.


Idk bro.