Hateful Jew Psychopaths Bomb Damascus, Killing Four

Through peace or war, Jews demand one thing from all goyim: total submission.

Jews are always the peace activists and always the warmongers.

They do not have an ideology. Ideologies are invented by Jews to confuse the goyim. Jews only believe in promoting the interests of the Jew race above all else.


Syrian air defenses have been activated to intercept a volley of “hostile” projectiles in the vicinity of the country’s capital Damascus, the Syrian Arab News Agency reported early Monday morning.

Multiple explosions were heard in Damascus shortly after 2:20am, as at least one bright flash illuminated the skies according to an unverified video making rounds online.

“The Israeli enemy carried out an air attack from the direction of the occupied Golan Heights, targeting some points in the vicinity of the city of Damascus,” a military source told SANA.

Syrian air defenses allegedly brought down most of the projectiles, but the attack still “led to the death of four soldiers and the wounding of four others,” in addition to “limited material losses.”

Syria’s capital, as well as other locations across the country, routinely come under mysterious missile strikes. The most recent strike on Damascus was in mid July, injuring two Syrian soldiers. The Syrian government and the Russian military present in the country often attribute such attacks to Israel.

Yeah, well.

The bombs aren’t coming from Lebanon.

This isn’t something really abnormal, as the article notes, though it appears to have been a larger attack than normal, and at any point, the Jews could decide to kick-start war with their neighbors and force the US to come help them.