Elon’s Gayest Tweet Yet Will Shock and Appall You

Pressured by Kim Dotcom on the absolute need to restore Alex Jones’ Twitter account if he wants to even have a pretext of free speech, Elon Musk said that he wouldn’t do it because his child died.

That is so gay on so many different levels.

First, no kids died at Sandy Hoax. The parents were crisis actors and the pictures they showed of kids were different kids. It’s a hoax. If it’s real, then why do they destroy anyone who questions it? Everything else they gatekeep this hard is a hoax.

Second, even if that isn’t the case (who knows, maybe this entire goofy bullshit is all real), Alex didn’t do it to exploit children. At the time, he was promoting literally every conspiracy theory, and as Kim notes, most of them turned out to be real. He wasn’t doing anything callous. Claiming that AJ is the Sandy Hook man is dumb and wrong, and just a complete media scam that they didn’t even start talking about until like 5 years after Jones had stopped talking about it.

Third, saying your child is dead so you won’t ever allow Alex Jones is GAY.

Fourth, every single Democrat exploits dead children for gain and politics and fame. Every time there is a mass shooting – some of which are presumably real, or at least kids actually die – the Democrats all call for gun control. What is that if not “using the deaths of children”? It’s obviously exactly that. Everyone understands that.

Fifth, and most important: this is completely arbitrary. Keeping someone banned because of Elon’s emotions shows that his entire “free speech” thing is a scam and a hoax. It’s not free speech, it’s Elon speech. It’s only speech he likes.

And then, what that means – obviously – is that every single person who is not banned is endorsed by Elon. If he will ban someone because he doesn’t like something they said, then he is saying that he likes everything everyone else says.

There are hundreds of millions of people on Twitter, and apparently Elon likes all of them, and approves of everything each of them has ever said. How is that even possible? People say conflicting things, but Elon agrees with everything each of them has said through their entire lives?

It would have been much better if he’d simply said “I can’t take that heat – sorry.” That sucks, but on some level it is fair enough and doesn’t make a comment about the fact that he will only allow people he approves of on the platform.

This is gay and it sucks.