Ethiopia: Journo Scum from France Arrested for Conspiring to Create Chaos

Antoine Galindo, journalist for a French publication named Africa Intelligence

I honestly felt like smashing my computer when Tucker Carlson started whining to Putin about that Wall Street Journal Jew “journalist” that was caught receiving intelligence.

It is one thing to ask for his release as a gesture of good will. I think that is gay, but that is one thing. But Tucker went on to claim “he’s not a spy.” Of course he’s a spy. Virtually all journalists are spies. I’ve been spied on by journalists personally.

These journalists that go international are virtually always engaged in some kind of intelligence collection. The natural job of a journalist, to report information, overlaps with intelligence collection in several obvious ways, so it’s the perfect cover. “Oh, I was just using this official as a source for my story – I didn’t know these were classified intelligence files.”

The Guardian:

Ethiopian authorities have detained a visiting French journalist for being part of a “conspiracy to create chaos” in the east African country.

Antoine Galindo, a reporter for the Paris-based Africa Intelligence (AI) news website, was arrested by plainclothes security officers at the Ethiopian Skylight Hotel on Thursday, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).

At the time, Galindo was interviewing Bate Urgessa, a spokesperson for the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), a legally registered opposition party. Bate was also detained, the rights group said.

Galindo was in Ethiopia to report on the annual summit of the African Union and other news, according to AI. It said he had a visa allowing him to work in the country and the authorities were aware of his assignment.

AI described Galindo’s arrest as “unjustified” and called for his immediate release. “These spurious accusations are not based on any tangible evidence that might justify this extended deprivation of liberty,” it said.

On Saturday, a judge in Addis Ababa denied Galindo’s application for bail and extended his detention until 1 March, after police requested more time to search through his phone, according to CPJ, citing Galindo’s lawyer.

Galindo is accused of conspiring with two rebel groups, but police are yet to provide any substantive evidence for this claim, the lawyer told CPJ.

Yeah, because even when it is obvious, there is always “plausible deniability.”

“Oh, I didn’t know. Oh, I was just reporting the news.”

“The baseless and unjustified detention of Antoine Galindo for carrying out his legitimate journalistic duties is outrageous and Ethiopian authorities must release him immediately without condition,” said Angela Quintal, the head of CPJ’s Africa programme.

Shut up, cunt.

“Antoine Galindo’s arrest is yet another example of the dismal press freedom record in Ethiopia, where at least another eight journalists are behind bars for their work and who must also be released urgently,” she said.

Ethiopia is the second-biggest jailer of journalists in sub-Saharan Africa after Eritrea, according to the CPJ.


Lock all these “people” up.

Ethiopia is a serious country that’s got serious business going on.