NYC: Lithium-Ion Batteries Used in E-Bikes Now a Leading Cause of Fires

You know, the more you learn about “green energy,” the more you come to respect gasoline.

All of this stuff is just a nightmare.

These batteries are going to create a hell on earth. Producing them poisons all water on earth. There is no way to dispose of them. And they blow up.

New York Post:

Lithium-ion batteries used in E-bikes and other electronic mobility devices are now a leading cause of fires in New York City following their popularity surged during the pandemic’s delivery boom, FDNY officials say.

FDNY Chief Fire Marshal Daniel Flynn told The Post that fires related to lithium-ion batteries have gone up nearly nine-fold since the pandemic, with more blazes related to the batteries happening in the last two months than in all of 2019.

“It’s the prevalence of these e-devices on our streets, there’s way more of them now than ever before,” Flynn said.

The fire chief attributed the popularity of the e-bikes and scooters to the “gig economy” boom in 2020, which saw people purchase the devices on the cheap-side in droves to do delivery jobs.

He added that the vehicles have also become popular among commuters.

People bought these devices some three years ago, and now they’re aging,” he said, noting that many don’t know the dangers caused by the wear-and-tear on the batteries’ energy cells.

While there were only 30 fires related to the batteries in 2019, the number more than tripled by 2021, with 104 fires reported. That year also saw four fatalities, while no one was reported to have died from the blazes in 2019 or 2020.

The amount of battery-related fires more than doubled the following year, with 220 fires reported, as well as six deaths confirmed. Last year, the FDNY reported 268 fires involving lithium-ion batteries, 150 injuries and 18 deaths.

As of Feb. 26, officials said there have been 31 fires related to the batteries, along with 26 injuries and one death.

Statistically, the chance of your battery blowing up is low, but it seems like you’d always be thinking about the possibility.

Remember when vapes used to explode and blow people’s faces off? People were getting their teeth blown out? It was really rare, but it was like “bro, I really don’t want my face blown off.”

Risk calculation is something we all do, but even when the chances are low, when the outcome is very bad, it creates a constant sense of unease.