Zelensky Trying to Shame West Into Sending Military Supplies to the Ukraine

Vologodonomoronor Zeliensakanccyii really pulls at my heart strings.

Sometimes I see his sad, rat face, and I just start crying, because it is so sad that Russia is trying to do a genocide against him.


President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Sunday called for Ukraine’s Western partners to summon the political will to provide Kyiv with necessary military supplies or the world will face “one of the most shameful pages of history.”

A clearly angry Zelenskiy, speaking in his nightly video address, said the world had to “react firmly” to ensure that the war becomes a “hopeless” enterprise for Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin, who wants only “war and death.”

“They must be made to feel to the maximum that there is a force that destroys those who destroy life. We can ensure that. Each of our partners knows what is necessary,” he said.

The main thing is political will in order to realise this, to secure the level of supplies which will help,” he said. “If this is not the case, it will become one of the most shameful pages of history, if America or Europe loses to Iranian “Shaheds” (drones) or Russian fighter jets,”

Ukraine, he said, was “waiting for supplies that are vitally necessary and we are waiting, in particular, for an American decision. Support is truly needed.”

I still can’t believe that every single English media outlet calls this nigga “Volodymyr.”

That is just so unbelievably bizarre.

It is child tranny level bizarre.

That is not a name. He’s not a Ukrainian. He is a Russian Jew named Vladimir Zelensky (Greenblatt/Greenberg).