EU Drafting Censorship Program for Big Tech Platforms to Protect “Democratic Elections”

Wait, they include “hate speech” as something that can “disrupt democracy”?

It’s not just disinformation now, but also “hate speech”?

What can that mean, other than that someone speaking out against the Jews will make you not want to vote for the Jew-lover candidate…?


The European Union’s executive has started to compile guidelines for Big Tech platforms to prevent disinformation, hate speech and counterfeits from disrupting the process of democratic elections.

Over a third of the world’s population will go to the polls this year at a time when the power and influence of tech giants is under growing scrutiny.

“These are the first-ever guidelines…and aim to present Very Large Online Platforms and Search Engines with best practices,” the Commission said on Thursday.

The EU launched a public consultation at the start of this week, giving parties until March 7 to give feedback. EU policymakers want tech giants to come up with risk mitigation measures, particularly concerning the threat from AI-generated content.

Probably, the “hate speech” part doesn’t have anything to do with their attempts to control the outcomes of elections, per se, and they are simply adding it in there because they want more social media censorship.

Again, we must ask the question: if people are too stupid and weak to consider free information, then how can they possibly be allowed to vote? It doesn’t make sense.

Either people are the fully-actualized individuals that democracy supporters claim, and are capable of considering all information and then determining a path for the state, or they are stupid morons who can’t tell the difference between fact and fiction, and thus should have no say in the way the government is run.

Pick one. Both cannot be simultaneously true.