Poland: New Government Says They’re Going to Imprison Heterosexuals for Complaining About Faggots

This was highly predictable.

The Poles made a deal with the devil to fight their stupid faggot “I hate my daddy” war against Russia, and now they’re going to pay all the consequences for that.

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Donald Tusk’s new left-wing government in Poland is introducing a new draconian hate speech law that could see those who claim there are only two genders criminalized and jailed.

Barely a month into office, the Ministry of Justice has prepared a draft amendment to the country’s Penal Code to include dissent against gender identity and sexual orientation in hate speech violations.

It would mean that individuals who oppose the progressive gender ideology, or Catholics who insist that marriage can only be a union between a man and a woman in the eyes of God could be convicted of a criminal offense.

“We already have the project practically completed. Now it will be sent for inter-ministerial consultations,” Secretary of State at the Ministry of Justice Krzysztof Śmiszek told Radio TOK FM.

Krzysztof Śmiszek, politician and literal faggot

“The entire LGBT community is waiting for this change,” added Śmiszek, a member of the New Left party in coalition with Tusk’s Civic Platform.

Poland already legislates for hate crimes in relation to race, nationality, and religion, but the amendment which could be submitted to parliament by as early as next month would add “gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity” to Art. 257 of the Penal Code — a move that would force the Catholic majority in the country to choose between staying true to their religious beliefs and keeping on the right side of the law.

Śmiszek claimed the last eight years of conservative governance in Warsaw was “filled with harassment and hate speech against people from our community. It hurt when perpetrators chose sexual orientation or gender identity as a criterion for harassment, hatred, and contempt.”

“Now — like other racist or xenophobic crimes — also those based on homophobia or transphobia will be prosecuted ex officio and will be treated as racist hate speech,” he said.

This probably won’t go through this time around.

But it’s there, on the table and in the realm of public discussion, meaning that it will remain there, and it will eventually be forced through, and Christians will face prosecution as they do in other countries in Europe.

Poland went from being the most conservative country in Europe to being an anal cesspit. Their downfall is in many ways more extreme than that of Ireland.

Ireland traded their traditional culture for tax haven money, and Poland traded it for a war with Russia.

The devil has all sorts of deals he will offer you, you see.

It was not long ago at all that Poland had “homo free zones” – this video is only 2 years old (around the start of the US war in the Ukraine, which Poland is obsessed with):

Now the whole country is set to become a “hetero free zone.”

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