European Union to Give Lebanon 1 Billion Euros to Stem Syrian Invasion of Cyprus

After inviting the entire world to come live in Germany, German women are now saying that there is a limit on “entire world.”


The European Union will provide €1 billion in financial aid to Lebanon over three years to prop up the country’s economy and help prevent a surge in refugees leaving the country for Europe.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced the move on Thursday morning following a meeting with Lebanese caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati and Cypriot President Nikos Christodoulides in Lebanon’s capital, Beirut.

The cash will help Lebanon strengthen basic services such as education, social protection and health, and spur economic reforms in the crisis-stricken country, von der Leyen said.

The financial envelope is also designed to help Lebanon grapple with the challenges it faces in welcoming Syrian refugees.

“We understand the challenges that Lebanon faces with hosting Syrian refugees and other displaced persons. It is vital to ensure the well-being of host communities and Syrian refugees,” von der Leyen said.

It’s been known from the beginning that it’s much cheaper to house refugees in their own countries or neighboring countries.

Angela Merkel just wanted to pretend she was that bitch from Game of Thrones.

Seriously – that aired in 2011, and Big Mama Angie invited all these people in 2015. She literally did it because of that show.

The Commission chief also vowed to “look at how to make the EU’s assistance more effective,” including facilitating a “more structured approach to voluntary returns” of displaced Syrians.

It comes after EU leaders backed deeper engagement with Beirut last month to help safeguard it from the repercussions of the conflict in the Middle East, and after Cyprus raised the alarm over a sharp peak in the number of Syrian refugees arriving from Lebanon.

“The worst may be yet to come”

It also follows a string of agreements signed over the last year between Brussels and African countries in a bid to stem migration into Europe.

A deepening economic crisis and fragile government make Lebanon particularly vulnerable to the instability gripping the region in the wake of the Israel-Hamas war.

The country is home to some 210,000 Palestinian and 1.5 million Syrian refugees, prompting fears regional instability could unleash a wave of migrants towards Europe via the island of Cyprus.

Yeah, it’s almost like US wars supported by Republicans lead to mass immigration into white countries.

That said, there is a deal to be struck when the US stops its endless wars: “We’ll stop meddling in your country if you stop sending these people to our countries.”

Most of the governments of these countries want their people to stay anyway. As a basic rule, you want more people in your country. Of course, Venezuela is emptying out its prisons, simply because it’s logical to get rid of criminals, but also because the US is an enemy country.

Luckily, the deal won’t affect the blacks