European Union Wants “Digital Green Pass” Ready by Summer Holidays

“Enjoy your vacation.”

There was never any debate about internal, digital passports. It was just announced, and assumed to be a necessary matter of fact. These are first going to be on your phone, or in a bracelet (really it will probably be a kind of smart watch), and they will eventually be replaced with implantable computer chips in your right hand.


The European Commission will propose this month an EU-wide digital certificate providing proof of a COVID-19 vaccination that could allow Europeans to travel more freely over the summer.

The EU executive aims to present its plans for a “digital green pass” on March 17 and to cooperate with international organisations to ensure that its system also works beyond the European Union.

The pass would provide proof that a person has been vaccinated, the results of tests for those not yet vaccinated and information on recovery for people who have contracted COVID-19.

The aim is to gradually enable them to move safely in the European Union or abroad – for work or tourism,” Commission president Ursula von der Leyen said in a tweet on Monday.

EU leaders agreed last week to work on vaccine certificates, with southern member states such as Spain and Greece particularly keen to unlock tourism this summer.

However, it is not yet clear whether vaccinated people can still transmit the virus to others. Some countries, such as France and Belgium, have also expressed concern that easing travel only for inoculated people would be unfair.

The Commission said it wanted to avoid any discrimination.

Imagine saying that you want to avoid any discrimination when defending a proposal that literally discriminates.

Imagine that the government is just casually announcing something so massive as implementing a mandated internal and international digital tracking grid without any form of public discussion whatsoever.

Imagine no one is saying anything.

Imagine that we are all just deer in the headlights of something beyond any nightmare any of us can even begin to imagine from our current vantage point.