Even Poland is Sick of Zelensky’s Whiny Bullshit

Poles always hated Ukrainians, viewing them as dumber, poorer Russians (which is literally what they are).

But the Poles became their best friends when America was able to turn the Ukraine into a base for war against Russia.

Now, they’re getting exhausted by these people’s bullshit.

Zelensky is out here trying to suck them off again after demanding they take his cheap grain that he can no longer ship through the sea to Africa.


Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has urged the Polish government to let emotions “cool down” and rekindle the two nations’ alliance in opposition to Russia. The appeal came on Wednesday amid a diplomatic spat over Warsaw’s opposition to importing cheap Ukrainian grain.

Zelensky lamented in a tweet that “politics is sometimes trying to be above unity, and emotions are trying to be above the fundamental interests of nations.” His government, he added, appreciates Polish support and what he called the two nations serving as “a real shield of Europe from sea to sea.”

The expression appeared to be a reference to the concept of the ‘intermarium,’ a proposal to unite the lands of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, which Warsaw pursued after World War I. The entity would have stretched from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. “Poland from sea to sea” is a phrase popular among Polish nationalists.

Zelensky said that the shield cannot bear “a single crack” and declared that “emotions should definitely cool down” between Warsaw and Kiev.

“The freedom and well-being of our nations, the values of our Europe and the victory over the common Russian enemy are above all,” he declared, again using an apparent nationalist reference, but this time from his own country. “Ukraine above all” is a popular slogan there.

The two neighbors locked horns last month over Poland’s campaign to extend an EU-approved ban on importing Ukrainian grain to five Eastern European nations, which is set to expire in mid-September. The restriction was first imposed on a national level in April to quell mass protests by farmers, whose livelihoods were undermined by cheaper Ukrainian products. Zelensky has branded the attempts to keep Kiev’s exports out of part of the EU market “un-European.”

Tensions escalated this week, after Marcin Przydacz, a senior Polish foreign policy official, argued in an interview that Ukraine should show more gratitude for all the help it gets from Warsaw instead of complaining about the ban.

You can’t just dump Ukrainian grain meant for Africa into Poland. The idea is insane.

But Zelensky thinks he has a right to demand it, because after all – he’s the boss of the world.

Poles are so retarded and evil, I don’t even care what happens to them. They are a satan nation trying to destroy freedom by allying with the greatest of all satans – America – to destroy the last vestiges of Christianity in Europe in the name of some babylike revenge plan and their “sea to sea” expansionist agenda.

I would really like to see Poland declare war on the Ukraine. That would be funny.