NATO’s Doing “Biggest Drill Since Cold War” – Wants to “Send a Message” to Ivan



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I guess you could just view it as basic jealousy, but with the blacks the response is violence, and it is clearly the same with the Western attitude toward Russia and China.

Washington says “oh, y’all niggas going big? Well, we be botta go big on your punk ass.”


Large NATO drills in the frigid fjords of northern Norway may be just war games meant to hone the fighting skills of the newly expanded 32-nation military alliance. But for troops taking part, they are very real.

And that’s the whole point.

Yes, honing skills is the point of a drill. I had that explained to me during my first fire drill as a kid, when I realized that the school was not, in fact, on fire. But thanks for clarifying, AP.

With drills underway now, NATO is baring its fangs in its biggest exercises since the Cold War, sending an unmistakable message to Russia that alliance members are ready to defend each other if needed.

Having watched Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, now in its third year, the NATO training aims to cover all eventualities. That can include trying to catch troops off guard.

This week, crew members aboard the French frigate Normandie, one of France’s most modern warships, were roused from sleep and scrambled to hunt down and destroy a submarine that snuck into cold Norwegian waters.

The submarine belongs to Germany, also a NATO member. But for the purpose of the war games dubbed Nordic Response 2024, it was acting as an enemy vessel.

The Normandie crew spotted its periscope poking through the waves and sprang into action. The submarine had already “attacked” a nearby Italian ship, the aircraft carrier Giuseppe Garibaldi, scoring an imaginary torpedo hit.

I scored an imaginary torpedo hit once. The bitch sighed and started pouting. I told her to get dressed and go buy some sildenafil if she wanted me to give it another shot at the target.

The pics from this article are kino, I’ll give them that.

I’m pretty big on, you know, Arctic Circle submarine war aesthetics.

Of course, I’m partial, given that I’ve promoted Tom Clancy as the poet laureate of the Irish race.

The crew were determined not to let Normandie — a top-of-the-line vessel, in service only since 2020 — suffer the indignity of also being struck.

An urgent 7 a.m. call got Normandie’s commander, Capt. Thomas Vuong, up from his bunk. He ordered the frigate’s submarine-hunting helicopter to be readied for flight, waking its pilot.

The Normandie crew of 146 mariners got no advance warning of the German sub “attack,” to test their readiness in the inhospitable environment above the Arctic Circle, Vuong said.

The drill was “extremely beneficial, because we reach a very high degree of realism and so we better prepare our teams,” he said. “The fjords are a special environment, with a temperature profile different to what we know in the Atlantic.”

“To be able to train our teams here, against this threat, is extremely valuable and extremely stimulating,” he added. “This is their playing field. So they know the hiding places.”

Yeah, it sounds stimulating.

Maybe could be a problem that all of this is being monitored by Russian and Chinese spy satellites (meaning it is irrelevant that you went ahead and published the details in the media).

You’d think you’d want to keep these kinds of tactics secret.

But I guess there’s a big commitment within NATO to the idea that nothing has changed since WWII, and that anyone who suggests something has changed in that time is just a big party pooper and a negative Nancy.

In terms of whether NATO is actually planning a war against Russia – frankly, these people have bluffed so much, I don’t take this sort of thing as meaning anything at all.

But you all know my catchphrase, and it definitely applies here as much as anywhere: “I wish a nigga would.”