Everything is Going to be OK! Ivanka has Personally Created 14 Million Jobs!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 15, 2019

It’s time to just kick back and let the Ivanka economy heal our nation with a cornucopia of high-paying jobs and GDP growth!

I’m sorry I ever doubted it.

The Guardian:

Speaking in front of the Economic Club of New York on Tuesday, Donald Trump made a claim that stood out as extreme even among his nearly infinite catalogue of bizarre lies. His daughter Ivanka Trump, an unelected government official, was directly responsible for the creation of 14 million jobs, he said.

“When she started this two and half years ago, her goal was 500,000 jobs,” the US president said.

Trump’s daughter is the co-chair of the White House workforce policy advisory board.

“She’s now created 14m jobs. And they’re being trained by these great companies – the greatest companies in the world – because the government can’t train them,” he said to applause from the crowd.

Ivankanomics was doubted by the haters. Where are those haters now?

That’s right. They’re happy as clams aboard the Ivanka train and gainfully employed at Ivanka, Inc.!

Lest one be left with the impression that this lie was sufficiently ridiculous, the president appended it immediately with an even more exaggerated prognostication. “Fourteen million … and going up,” he said.

Since Trump took office, the entire economy has added about 6m jobs as of October, according to FactCheck.org.

It would have been funnier if Trump said that she had created 6 million jobs. Missed opportunity if ever there was one.

Earlier this year Trump floated a smaller version of this lie, claiming in February that his daughter had created “millions” of jobs. At the time he was referencing an effort from the workforce policy board to convince companies to pledge to offer “more than 6.5m training opportunities to workers over the next five years”, as the Washington Post pointed out.

Trump herself has also been misleading on the issue, saying in October that her efforts had led to “6.3m jobs.”

That’s precious. Princess Ivanka really thinks she’s making a difference out there.

I shouldn’t even be mad. Politicians have to promise jobs but, frankly, I would be surprised if there was any real work left out there anyway. Every time they talk about the millions of jobs that they’ve created, I just assume that they’re talking about the growth in the thriving adult-diaper sector and the explosion of young entrepreneurs in the cam girl industry.

You’ve got IT, sure – until the pajeets totally crowd out the market thanks to TPUSA and Charlie Kirk. And yeah, you’ve got doctors and the Deathcare Industry making a killing by feeding Boomers their penis pills and insulin, so there’s that as well. Oh and we can’t forget Wall St.

Who else is killing it out there?

  • Drug dealers seem to be doing OK
  • Prison guards are always in demand to take care of the drug dealers
  • Kids seem happier these days, almost like they’re on something

Such is life in America. 

I just wish they’d all stop lying to us like that. If they came right out and said, “you’re going to be poor for the foreseeable future,” I’d get less mad and take it all in stride. Why can’t we just admit that? It would at least take a lot of stress off the shoulders of people who are being fed lies that the economy is booming and that everyone is making off like a bandit – making them feel bad about their own lack of success.

There’s only one person out there that’s talking about that and it’s Tucker.

And I thank him for that.

The only thing that keeps this whole thing chugging along are Boomers flipping houses and making off like bandits. It ends when they end and refuse to pass any of the wealth on to the next generation. That’ll come soon, I bet.