Experts Say New Variants Mean Going “Back to Square One” Despite High Vaccination Rates

Dr. William Schaffner, the expert who says a new variant would put America back right where it started.

As we’ve said continually over the last several weeks, the virus narrative is hitting a point at which there are two overlapping narratives which are fundamentally mutually exclusive.

  • On one hand, everyone must get vaxxed, and anyone who refuses is an outright medical terrorist, who needs to be excluded from society if not simply hunted down and shot in the street.
  • On the other hand, there is a new strain, and actually, the vaccine doesn’t even work at all, so we have to go back to March of 2020 and start over.

This brutal narrative war is happening in a place where there is always some kind of war – the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Guardian:

Dr Christian Mayala and Dr Rodin Nzembuni Nduku sit together on a bench outside the Covid ward at Kinshasa’s Mama Yemo hospital.

They are discussing the health of their father, Noel Kalouda, who contracted coronavirus weeks before, and is now lying in a hospital bed, breathing through an oxygen mask.

Despite the brothers’ medical knowledge, and vaccines being available to them in the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), all three men had chosen not to get vaccinated because of fears over potential side-effects of the only jab available, the AstraZeneca vaccine.

“On social media, there was a story about a guy who died 20 hours after getting vaccinated. Things like this make me scared to get the vaccine,” said Nduku.

Just over 86,000 doses have been administered – enough to vaccinate under 0.1% of the country’s population of 90 million.

Already facing shortages and huge logistical challenges in getting vaccines out to people in far-flung areas, experts worry that distrust of pharmaceutical products will further undermine the global fight against Covid.

While anger grows over the failures of rich countries to supply enough vaccines to poorer ones, vaccine hesitancy of citizens has been overlooked, epidemiologists warn.

Prof Pascal Lutumba, of the University of Kinshasa’s department of infectious diseases, said: “If people in Congo remain unvaccinated, the South African variant could meet with the Delta variant and the virus could mutate into a variant that is resistant to some vaccines.

If a Congo variant arrives in a country like the UK, which has high vaccination rates, it could put them back into the same position they were at the beginning of the pandemic. They’d have to get vaccinated again with a new vaccine,” Lutumba said.

We would be back to square one,” said Dr William Schaffner, a professor at Vanderbilt University medical centre in Nashville, US.

SAGE is also saying this.

There is no “going back” to square one because square one is eternal. You’ve never left square one. Just last week, they announced that because of Delta, vaccinated people were getting the virus and had to wear masks.

If you say that the above proves that the vaxx doesn’t work, you’ll be told that it does indeed work because it saved those people from suffering a more severe form of the infection or dying, which simply cannot be proven to be true.

It’s the same thing that happened last year when people said “hold on, there are no new deaths, the virus appears to be a hoax” and they were told that there weren’t more deaths because we did the lockdowns and the masks, which they can’t prove is true – and you can’t prove isn’t true.

The people behind this hoax have set it up in a way that makes the things they say that cannot be proven true to appear to be the same as things that cannot be proven false.

It’s a very high-level anti-goyim spell.

This “square one” talking point is now being aggressively pushed. The idea is to blame the unvaccinated for everything.