Lavrov Says US Elite “Literally Want to Rule the World,” Extract Tribute

Increasingly, Russian leaders are sounding like me.

It’s about time.

If they would have been sounding like me in 2014, they’d have a lot fewer problems.


The US and its allies will cause more trouble in the future as they cling to a unipolar world that allows them to exploit other nations, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has predicted.

Current Western foreign policy “is aimed at slowing down the progress of history” and will “result in new confrontations, new difficulties for the international community,” the senior Russian official warned in an address on Friday. It will be “up to diplomats to untangle those situations.”


Since forever, I’ve been framing all of these global conflicts we’re seeing popping up as part of the same conflict, which is the US v. everyone else. It’s always been about JEWISH global domination.

Lavrov was speaking to students at MGIMO, the Moscow State Institute for International Relations, a leading Russian university from which the Foreign Ministry recruits many of its employees. He briefed the audience on the current state of world affairs and what the students in attendance can expect working in the Russian diplomatic corps.

The minister reiterated Moscow’s position that Western nations are a major source of instability, claiming that “they want to literally rule the world, to impose their unipolar world order … to continue extracting tribute from humanity.”

Many other nations, including Russia, are opposing that and seek a more just multipolar world order, the transition to which is inevitable sooner or later, Lavrov said. Western nations are “creating obstacles” to that, but as they do so they undermine their own power, he argued.

Yes, that’s the other thing.

This Beast is so massive, that the only thing that can destroy it is its own weight.

If US leaders were capable of relaxing, they could have won. But they’ve forced all of this confrontation, and that will be the downfall of the Anal Empire.

“It’s not that we want to ruin the dollar. The US is no longer making sure that it can serve the role that used to be suitable for everyone,” he explained.

Washington’s use of financial sanctions makes the dollar unreliable as a world reserve currency, so naturally many are moving away from it, the minister said.

Yeah, you’re just not allowed to do anything. There have been dozens of border skirmishes in the former USSR – Russia was involved directly in two Chechen wars, the invasion of Georgia, and the annexation of Crimea, and they were a party to other conflicts. This is just something that happens when an empire collapses.

All of a sudden, the US just announced that the Ukraine border was “the most important thing in the world” (a direct quote from Mitch McConnell), and used the dollar as their main weapon.

No one can trust the US dollar when it is used this way. It makes no sense that you would continue to rely on the dollar and just hope the US doesn’t pull the rug on you.

They didn’t even do this to Hitler during World War II. Germany was never kicked out of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), because the dollar system was considered sacred, above war and politics. Now, all of a sudden, a minor border skirmish is a reason to pull the rug.

There’s a book about the BIS called “Tower of Basel.”

It asserts that the bank should have kicked Germany out but was too corrupt, which is clearly the wrong analysis. Everything in the world was working to destroy Germany, and the whole war was nothing but corruption. The US could have just bombed Switzerland if this was something they wanted to do. The reason Germany was not kicked out of the BIS was that the global banking system was considered sacrosanct.

The sanctions war against Russia did not even have the intended effect, and it is obvious that these people in charge are simply arrogant, and think they can do whatever they want. The people who were running things in the 1940s were, for one, less Jewish, but even the Jews back then were more responsible in terms of long-term thinking.

The US is a mad brute.

It still has all of this power that it inherited from much more competent men, but it clearly does not have the ability to manage that power. The drop off from the Iraq War to the Ukraine War is very clear – with the Iraq War, they at least tried to give it legitimacy, had a United Nations vote and everything.

This black guy named “Anus” gave a speech at the UN, seeking approval. No, sorry – his name was “Colon.”

There has been zero attempt to give the Ukraine War legitimacy, despite the fact that it is the single most extreme war the US has done since World War II.

They’ve lost the plot. They are destroying themselves as they lash out at the rest of the world. There is no long-term thinking at all. There are just grubby Jews, doing grubbing.