“Extraordinary Surge”: More Than 1,000 Minors Missing in Ohio So Far This Year

There is a strange darkness in America.

Ohio appears to be one of the center points of this darkness.

If the kids are being kidnapped, raped, and murdered (which is obviously horrible, but something we are able to understand), we would be finding their bodies.

We’re not finding their bodies.

Where are they going?

New York Post:

Children are disappearing from northern Ohio in record numbers, with more than 1,000 minors reported missing so far this year.

More than 45 children have gone missing in the Cleveland-Akron area this month alone, and in August, there were more than 35 missing minors, according to the Ohio attorney general’s missing children website.

The disappearances are creating a disturbing trend in northern Ohio, which began in May, when nearly 30 children went missing in just the first two weeks.

Officials at the time called it an “extraordinary surge” in disappearances.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost repeated on Monday that the number of missing children is alarming — though he claimed the figure may be inflated due to inconsistencies in updating reports, which the Cleveland police have admitted to in the past.

It can also involve “Amber Alert” bullshit that is basically always a father “kidnapping” his own kids from their stupid evil abuser whore mother.

“Yes, of course we are worried about that,” he told News 5 Cleveland.

“Now, what we know is when we look behind the numbers, some of those represent repeated runaways and local police have talked about that.”

He added that data for runaway cases, abductions, or sex trafficking is not always entered correctly as the state deals with a police staffing shortage.


“All of these things have localized reporting problems that, again, are a function of local conditions,” Yost said.

“We do our best to encourage compliance and improve assistance to remove barriers, but at the end of the day, we have to rely on our local partners that we don’t control.”

“I am fearful of all kinds of things that fall through the cracks, that include missing children,” Yost added. “I rely on the tenacity of a worried parent more than I do a harried bureaucrat whose job it is to put data into a computer.”

But John Majoy, president of Cleveland Missing and the police chief of Newburgh Heights, previously sounded the alarm on the surge in missing children.

For some reason, in 2023, we’ve seen a lot more than we normally see, which is troubling in part because we don’t know what’s going on with some of these kids — whether they’re being trafficked or whether they’re involved in gang activity or drugs,” he told Fox News back in May, adding that he has not seen such high numbers of missing children before in his 33-year career.

Is it a satanic conspiracy?

I grew up in Ohio, and I think it probably is. I have seen weird things in the woods – not exactly like the dolls from True Detective, but similar things.

As a kid, it was also accepted that there were people who lived in the sewer system, and I’ve seen photos of what appear to be ritual altars down there. I know more than one person who claimed to have seen people in robes carrying flame torches in the underground.

Of course, you know – who knows?

Aside from “kidnapped by their father” situations, there are also teenage runaways. I can’t find the numbers on how many of these are actually small kids. “Milk carton kids” are a real thing, and it seems that some of these kids were indeed raised in satanic cults.

There is a lot of material on this topic of varying quality. Ted Gunderson was a former FBI Los Angeles chief (pretty high rank) who retired and claimed that there was a gigantic satanic cult conspiracy in America.

Here’s a video of him (there are many more you can look up):

Some of his information seems incorrect, though there was a preschool with underground tunnels.

This is some of the first “alternative” material I got into as a teenager. I believe that at least some of it is true. And, I believe, Pizzagate is real. I don’t know if there were tunnels under it, but I think the owners were clearly involved in child molestation and I think people in the government were aware of it, and that it amounted to a more extreme version of Jeffrey Epstein (where the youngest girls were like, 15, which, despite claims, is not a “child”).

This 1993 documentary was banned before it aired:

That is mostly about the Franklin Cover-Up, which was orphan children (boys) being used by Republican politicians as part of a blackmail ring.

True Detective really is the best media about this (season 1 only). That was based on all this stuff from the 1990s. You have poor people who are inbred doing weird sex stuff, and then that is linked somehow, through a network involving the FBI and other intelligence, to state/federal government elites.

I think the German Netflix show “Dark” is also very good, and deals with some of these themes from a non-American perspective.

(I never watched the third season and recently went back and tried to watch it and realized it was too complicated – it has time travel – and I would have to start over. I might do that at some point and write a review. It’s possibly the single best modern serial of all. Squid Game was good from an artistic perspective, though the actual content is sort of meh, and it has serious plot problems. True Detective only had that one good season, though I would rank that up there with the best. It’s actually shocking how bad most of these shows are. The people who did the live action Cowboy Bebop should be in prison. Oh and I love Midnight Mass, though that poor Irish Catholic boy who made it has been ruined by his Jew wife, and the ending fails totally – you don’t know if it’s a Catholic show or a satanic/Jew show, and you’re wondering the whole time you’re watching it, and then it decides to just flop around. It should have ended with the priest saying “It was never about me. It was about God.” Instead, it does that, then adds some atheist/Jew bullshit – like they were trying to make everyone happy and made no one happy. But until the botched ending, it’s a great show, and if the Christian themes would have been completed, I would say it was my favorite.)

I wrote a lot about this during Pizzagate, but that whole movement got totally out of control and turned into QAnon nonsense. So, it’s hard to know where to draw the line. You can speculate, but you have to have facts.

I might try to pull some primary sources on the situation in Ohio, and see what number of these kids are under the age of 13 and disappeared completely.

Again: teenagers running away and getting involved in drugs/prostitution is bad, people kidnapping and raping kids and killing them is obviously one of the worst things we can imagine, but we understand those things.

If kids are disappearing and their bodies are not turning up, maybe some of them are just successfully buried, but it is also possible that they are being used as part of satanic rituals and mind control cults linked to the CIA and a larger satanic cult conspiracy.

Homosexual child molestation is ultimately now coming out into the public, and presumably, there are people who want a satanic pedophile/child sacrifice/cannibalism cult to come out into the public. At this point, I’m not sure Americans would protest it very much.

Alex Jones would just say “you shouldn’t be able to sacrifice and eat anyone under 17.”