Woman Who Chopped Up and Sexually Defiled Boyfriend “Deserves to be Happy”

We talk about the white knights, but it’s really women who are wearing shields of armor. It’s like a Halo type shield, you gnome sane?

It’s actually more like a personal shield in Dune, which is a plot device that explains why future people are engaging in hand-to-hand combat with swords (fast moving objects cannot pass through the shield, but knives can).

However, at this point, we can’t really reference Dune anymore, because that last film was such a complete piece of shit. This is called “Star Wars Reference Chilling Phenomenon,” in reference to the fact that everyone is embarrassed to reference Star Wars after those recent films, unless it is on 17 levels of irony.

By the way, I’m not even checking Ashoka – and that’s coming from someone who has thought Rosario Dawson was a fox* since Kids, and also has a serious Togruta fetish (don’t even compare that to being a furry or I will hunt you down). The material is simply not good. The Mandalorian season 1 was okay, in terms of like “okay, they remade a bunch of classic Westerns in space and it looks cool and these are my childhood characters behaving like they should.” People thought it was the beginning of a trend. As it turns out, they appear to have only accidentally made that show. Seasons 2 and 3 and Book of Boba Fett and that Baby Leia show are sickening.

Whatever, Andor seemed good but I was too bored to care. Like, why are there not Stormtroopers on these planets? This is not even Star Wars, it’s a boring ass spy film I don’t care about at all.

Anyway, point being: every woman deserves happiness. They have a forcefield that protects them from being held responsible for their behavior.

We hear a lot about Islamic terror and Russian hacking, but not so much about vagina terrorists hacking people up.

Pretty interesting, right friend?

New York Post:

Taylor Schabusiness, the Wisconsin mother convicted in the methamphetamine-fueled murder, decapitation and subsequent sexual desecration of boyfriend Shad Thyrion, should be given the possibility of parole and “deserves to be happy,” her attorney told Fox News Digital.

Schabusiness, 25, was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison without parole in the February 2022 murder of Thyrion, 24. She was also sentenced to an additional 7½ years for mutilating a corpse and three years for third-degree sexual assault.

If a man had chopped his girlfriend’s head off and raped her corpse and the attorney said he has a “right to be happy,” the attorney would probably have his personal checking account closed by Chase Bank. He’d definitely get banned by Twitter.

“I really feel that this young lady should be given a chance at the possibility — not the probability — of getting out on extended supervision or parole some day after decades of work — therapy, counseling,” said Christopher T. Froelich of the Green Bay-based Froelich Law Group. He intends to appeal the court’s decision on Schabusiness’s behalf.

Froelich took up the case in February; Schabusiness’s previous lawyer, Quinn Jolly, resigned after the woman attacked him in court.

Some speculated the spit hood Schabusiness wore Tuesday was not to protect court attendees but to obscure Schabusiness’s facial expressions. Froelich, however, explained that there were “some issues at the jail” earlier that day.

So the bitch is still biting people?

This is a spit hood

Not a good look!

The convicted murderer has smiled, smirked and appeared to fall asleep in court, behaviors psychologists called by the defense, including Dr. Diane Lytton, said are indicative of her mental incompetence to stand trial.

She has been described as smirky — weird grinning — when she’s talking about the crimes,” Lytton explained on the stand. “Based on my experience and training, that’s a psychotic person right there.”

i.e., a woman.

Imagine being so brainwashed that you believe that some woman out there somewhere is capable of feeling guilt.

Schabusiness burst into laughter when it was discussed whether jurors would be shown photos of her former lover’s decapitated head found by Green Bay Police in a bucket. She also laughed as a jury rejected her insanity plea and handed down her conviction July 27.


Froelich said Tuesday he has made “several” attempts to get a mistrial in the case.

“Should a judge be on a case if they witnessed a fight in the courtroom?” Froelich asked. “I heard she tried to flash [the judge] in court. Would that be another reason to get somebody else, another judicial officer? I have no idea.”

The attorney also questioned at least one of Schabusiness’s charges.

“How could there be a sexual assault? He’s dead,” the attorney said Tuesday. “Once he’s dead, it’s not sexual assault, it’s mutilation of a corpse. Did the jury just go along with it because if she’s guilty of one, she’s probably guilty of all three? I don’t know.”

That’s a great point.

Despite the Brown County Court judge’s view Schabusiness’s crimes “offended human decency,” the victim’s father told her he would “forgive [her] for what [she] did to [his] son,” and that he knew “[she has] a heart, got a mind.”

I believe everybody makes bad choices, maybe not to this scale,” Michael Thyrion said Tuesday. “It does no good to hate you.”

Yeah, maybe not to the scale of decapitating someone and then doing something sexual to the headless corpse and then laughing about it in court.

It’s possible that everybody doesn’t do that.

I actually agree with forgiving everyone. That is just basic Christianity. But saying it in this context sounds like a call for leniency.

*I don’t think she’s so foxy these days. The bitch is post-40 now, of course, and she’s had some really bizarre surgery to make her face cover a larger percentage of the front of her head. She must have gone to a black plastic surgeon. 

Also, I just looked up photos of her in Kids and I’m not really understanding what I was seeing at the time. Seems like total monkey mode. 

It’s possible that this was just a sexually charged film that I watched at a sexually formative period. Actually, that seems more or less a definitely, proved fact. This is like the gays, you know – they have gay experiences during sexually formative years, and then they become gay. I would rather be attracted to Rosario Dawson than be gay, but it’s the same sort of abuse of my childhood innocence. 

I’m glad I was able to learn this today, and I’m glad that you, the dear reader, were able to join me on my journey of sexual discovery.

Kids Is a really depressing movie I don’t recommend watching. It also promotes the “heterosexual AIDS” hoax. It was really a film designed to expose children to gross sexuality, while also making them afraid of sex (because your high school girlfriend is going to give you GRIDS, goy). It was written by Harmony Korine who can only be described as a turbo-kike. 

I just pulled up his Wiki and was casually browsing – here’s a sentence you’ll find there: 

In 1998, Korine released The Diary of Anne Frank Pt II, a 40-minute three-screen collage featuring a boy burying his dog, kids in satanic dress vomiting on a Bible, and a man in black-face dancing and singing “My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean”.

That is much worse than manipulating me into sexual attraction to Rosario Dawson. I’m sorry, but we have to put these people out. Enough is enough. They have to go out. Go to Israel. Or anywhere. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.