Unlike “Democracy,” “Populism” has a Definition Everyone Understands

Slovakia just elected a populist/nationalist/vaguely pro-Russia Prime Minister. This is relevant.

Either the Jews are going to come down hard on Slovakia, or this is going to become an example.

People at The Daily Wire AKA Little Benny’s Holocaust Museum of Forced Vaccination and Trannies are still claiming that Italy’s Meloni (four times the immigrants) is a model for “conservative populism.”

The Daily Wire’s gay fake Catholic shabbos Michael Knowles was buddying up with “right-wing tranny” Blaire White all the way back in 2017.

Since then, both Jordan Peterson and Shapiro himself have interviewed White. It’s just obvious that Ben Shapiro wants to bring this tranny on his platform as “talent,” and he’s floating him around to see if he catches.

Point being: Ben Shapiro is a poisonous Jewish shill who wants pro-Israel, pro-migrant, pro-Ukraine, female politicians to be “the model” for populist conservatism.

Firstly, we need leaders who have penises. This is simply the most basic prerequisite. If you do not have a penis, you should be in hijab or at your house running around trying to kill insects. (This whole “woman cooking” thing has got to stop – it’s a total disaster, and their cleaning abilities are also very limited. They are also very poor at killing cockroaches and flies, but that at least gives them something to do all day – running around the house, trying and failing to kill insects.)

This is obvious.

Secondly, we need men with penises who actually believe in something, not more bought-and-paid-for shills. I’m not going to vouch for Fico, because now that he’s in power he might reverse all of his positions. But we need to note that the world “populism” is now being used in connection to people who support the Ukraine war and mass immigration.

Unlike “democracy,” populism actually has a definition.

War and immigration are not populist*.


Former Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico’s populist SMER-SSD party has won Slovakia’s election, results showed on Sunday.

Fico leads a populist party that has vowed to stop military aid to Ukraine and is critical of the EU and NATO.

The Smer-SD party scored 23.3%, beating the centrist Progressive Slovakia on 17%, with almost all votes counted. Previously, two exit polls had indicated that Progressive Slovakia would be the winner.

If Fico successfully creates a majority coalition, he will lead the European nation for the fourth time.

“Fico is a technician of power, by far the best in Slovakia. He does not have a counterpart at the moment,” said sociologist Michal Vasecka from the Bratislava Policy Institute.

“Fico is always following opinion polls, understands what is happening” in society, he added.

Electoral campaigns have been marked by sharp disagreement on foreign policy.

Fico has said if he returns to power, Slovakia will continue supporting Ukraine but will not provide arms or ammunition. He has been called pro-Russian by opponents, a criticism he rejects.

A Progressive Slovakia government would maintain Bratislava’s current support for Kyiv.

“Fico benefited from all that anxiety brought by the (coronavirus) pandemic and the (Ukraine) war, by the anger spreading in Slovakia in the past three years, and fueling that anger,” sociologist Michal Vasecka was cited by the Reuters news agency as saying.

That is such a weasel way of phrasing that.

“People voted for him because they didn’t like the policies of the previous government” is what the statement means, factually, but they are able to make it sound like he’s manipulating people or taking advantage somehow, and that he’s driven by maliciousness. If the leftist government of Slovakia wanted people to like them, they could have not done a virus hoax and not done a Ukraine war hoax.

Regrettably, Slovakia still has a grimy and very fat cunt president, Zuzana Čaputová, who is running around trying to make everyone gay.

Here she is in 2022 giving a speech about the importance of ramming cocks into men’s anuses:

It was a short speech, because her blood sugar levels were going to cause her to collapse and have a seizure if she didn’t rush behind the stage and consume two-dozen donuts, washed down with a bucket of melted ice cream. This bitch is the first president of an EU state to come out and publicly admit to buying tubs of ice cream and then leaving them out to melt so she can drink them.

She went on to say that she sometimes puts a straw (paper, of course) in each nostril and inhales the melted ice cream. “Olfactory transfer is the easiest way for the ice cream to pass the blood-brain barrier,” Čaputová explained. “I’m not ashamed and I won’t be bullied by the patriarchy. I believe women are healthy at any size,” she added.

*We maybe need to elaborate on this.

People can legitimately have a negative view of populism, as it is going to be in opposition to aristocracy. I don’t take a hard line on this. I see both sides. I don’t really have a huge amount of respect for the British aristocracy and their system of forks, and the American attempt at aristocracy in the South was unbelievably goofy. In general, aristocracy is not particularly important to me, and I don’t think these people have provided much of serious value. I do not watch ballets, and I’m not ever doing this thing with the different forks and using the back of the fork. I would literally rather get a Chinese character tattooed on my neck and smoke meth in front of toddlers than use fork and knife plate code, and I am going to eat salmon with a fork and a spoon. In several different situations, in fact, I am going to have a fork and a spoon in each hand. I am not doing this weird gay shit.

Domestication must have its limits. At some point, enough is enough, and the level of etiquette becomes a kind of neurosis and Baudrillardian.

But you all know I also insult the peasants and their white walls, chemical soaps, and processed foods. I’m a realist. These are things that I support:

  • Authoritarianism
  • Market competition with serious government interference with monopolies (and an inability of the government to pick winners and losers through subsidies)
  • Meritocracy and social mobility
  • Natural moral law
  • A close relationship between religion and state
  • Personal liberty (within the bounds of natural morality, which maybe some of that being skirtable to some degree as long as you keep it very private)
  • Mutual respect among all levels of society
  • No elective wars
  • Limited police powers (local sheriffs as the primary police force)
  • No domestic intelligence agencies
  • Transparency, generally
  • Equality under the law
  • Direct mechanisms for the redress of grievances (there are several options I would support)
  • A fair tax system where the rich pay the majority of taxes (no 999)
  • Little or virtually no public assistance
  • Serious government regulation of the food industry
  • Systems to encourage small businesses
  • A money system not based on debt (the mortgage system should largely be abolished)
  • No property taxes
  • Respect for the wealthy (no demonization of rich people)
  • Systemic social shaming of anti-social behavior (poverty, obesity, substance abuse, promiscuity, etc.)

And I could go on.

These things are probably more in line with populism than anything else, but the ultimate thing is that nothing should be out of line with Christianity in Christian countries. Of course, Christians could in good faith disagree with some of what I’ve written here.

My basic position is that Jews and women should be disempowered, and then intelligent men of good character should just go through and figure out what is best for society, and “what is best for society” should be defined as “what results in the healthiest families.”