Fake News Alert: US Troops are NOT Leaving Iraq – In Fact, The Opposite

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 7, 2020

There has been a rumor circulating around the interwebs which seems to indicate that US military is going to pull out of Iraq following the demands of the Iraqi Prime Minister that they do so.

It was spread by some general, apparently.


The U.S. military wrote to Iraq on Monday saying it would pull out of the country and would be repositioning forces over the next few days and weeks, a letter seen by Reuters showed, in the aftermath of an American drone strike that killed Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani.

It was not immediately clear if all roughly 5,000 U.S. troops in Iraq would leave the country. Several helicopters could be heard flying over Baghdad on Monday night. It was not immediately clear if this was a related development. The letter said coalition forces would be using helicopters to evacuate.

The authenticity of the letter, which was addressed to the Iraqi defence ministry’s Combined Joint Operations Baghdad, was confirmed to Reuters independently by an Iraqi military source. A Pentagon spokesman said he could not immediately confirm the letter’s authenticity.

Shortly after this letter was released Monday, and reported on by Reuters, it was confirmed by the Defense Secretary that actually, no, they are definitely and categorically not leaving.

NBC News:

The Pentagon on Monday said that a U.S. general’s letter informing Iraq’s Defense Ministry that U.S.-led coalition troops would leave Iraq “was a mistake,” and American Defense officials insisted that the troops would remain there.

“That letter is a draft, it was a mistake, it was unsigned, it should never have been released,” Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley told reporters hours after reports about the letter ostensibly written by Marine Brig. Gen. William Seely were published by the Reuters and AFP wire services.

“Poorly worded, implies withdrawal,” Milley said.

“That is not what’s happening,” he continued.

There is no way in hell that Israel would allow the US to bring the goys back home.

The soldiers are not going anywhere – they’re staying in Iraq to put down the beginnings of a Shiite uprising, and to maintain supply lines to the troops that are deployed in Syria. Soon enough, the troops in Iraq might even be used in Iran – but I’m not sure about that because no one is.

You really expect me to believe that they’re leaving just like that?

It doesn’t matter what the Iraqi Parliament says.

I can applaud their resolution demanding that the US leave because it removes the fig-leaf that covers up the fact that they are an occupied nation with no say in the matter, but ain’t nothing going to happen. And by the way, every country where the US has troops and bases is basically in the same situation. Could you imagine what would happen if Germany said “git auht!” to the soldiers stationed in all those bases around the country?

Well, now you can.

There are going to be more US soldiers deploying to Iraq. Preparations are being made as we speak.

Iraq is about to go into full uprising mode and the US troops are no doubt going to face a Fallujah 2.0 scenario.

Hold on to your butts.