Fake Presidential Candidates Do Fake Debate for Some Reason

For some reason no one can actually explain, fake presidential candidates Ron DeSantis and Gavin Newsom held a fake presidential debate on Thursday.

At the end of the above clip you can hear moderator Sean Hannity say “it’s been rather dull so far.” I think that was the point. This is an advertisement by the political establishment of both parties to return to something dull.

Right now, you have Trump, who is Trump, and Joe Biden, who is totally senile and whacked out. Trump has his supposedly extreme policies, and Biden is an extreme child trannyist and an open borders maniac, as well as a warmonger attempting to start a three-front war against the entire planet. He opened up one front against Russia, and he’s prying open a second in the Middle East, while looking for a way to kick off a third in Asia.

The pitch of this fake debate between DeSantis and Newsom is: “Wouldn’t you rather if politics were dull again?”

Of course, that is also fake. DeSantis is an even more extreme war monger than Biden, and he’s talked about not only the three fronts Biden is trying to fight on, but also opening a fourth front against Cuba or maybe Venezuela or something. Meanwhile, all of Newsom’s policies are the same as Biden’s.

It would probably be less degrading if our politicians were younger, I guess. Maybe that’s part of the pitch.

But this whole thing is damn weird.

Who ever heard of a fake presidential debate?

Well, I guess we heard of it this year – the Republican debates are fake. Trump is the presumed nominee, and always has been, but they held GOP debates anyway. Those were fake debates.

This is like some kind of… simulacrum. It’s a symbol of a symbol.

Trump is winning by 48 points.

Ramaswamy has 5 points, and all those points are going to go to Trump when he drops out.

DeSantis only has any points at all because he has billions of dollars and a massive media machine behind him, but his political career is totally over. He’s now just in the race to try to get a job working for the Jews. Maybe they’ll make him CEO of Disney.

I guess this is an audition for Newsom to replace Biden. That’s something a lot of people in his party definitely want. They are going to fake the election, obviously, and it will be a lot more believable if Newsom is the candidate.

Maybe Biden can have some kind of health emergency now, and Newsom can step in and gain popularity by saying that Israel is going too far. That would work. This is what I would advise if I was advising these retards.

Politics is so boring.

I wish Russia would just start dropping nukes.

I’m so bored.