California: White Guy Loses Gun Permit After Defending His Home from Vibrant Armed Robbers

Yeah, this is what Anglin kept telling you was going to start happening widely: they are really going to start punishing whites for self-defense.

They’re going to disarm you.

The Post Millennial:

A man had his concealed carry permit revoked just days after using the firearm to defend himself and his family from would-be robbers outside their Los Angeles, California home.

Vince Ricci has maintained that the decision was made solely because of his use of the gun, however, the sheriff’s department claimed it was because of his conduct towards members of the Los Angeles Police Department who showed up to investigate three days after the attempted break-in took place.

In an interview with Fox News, Ricci explained that he was contacted by the sheriff’s office on Thursday morning informing him that his concealed carry permit had been “revoked” as a result of him “yelling” at LAPD officers.

The sheriff’s office did not elaborate, and has not released any further information.

The incident in question took place on the evening of November 4 as Ricci returned from the gym. When two armed men jumped the fence and rushed him as he was about to open his front door, Ricci dropped his coffee and pulled out a handgun. The pair retreated and he followed, chasing them off the property.

Footage of the situation shows one of the two men pointing their firearm at Ricci, evidence, he said, that he acted in self-defense.

“My situation is unique because it happened at my front door, all on camera,” he said, “but this happens time and time again all over the country.”

“I used to walk into this house and see this beautiful house that I built for my family, and now I walk into a war zone,” he added, slamming District Attorney George Gascon for releasing dangerous criminals onto the streets of LA.

This is a long interview of him from a few months ago, where he talks about his business: