Family Values Twitter Thread – FILLER – Nothing Happening – What?

Okay, so, there’s not really anything happening today, and also, I’m kind of busy this morning.

It’s mostly a filler day. You get all the news, with a bit of commentary, but the commentary is sparse and not very good.

By the way, these other writers on here are actually my aliases, or, technically, amalgams.

I’ve been putting a lot of content on Twitter. Everyone should follow me on there. I made it to 10,000 followers in the first week, which is very good. As long as I keep getting 10,000 followers per week, I’ll be at a million followers in… oh jeez, like two years? That is too long. I’m gonna have to pick up the pace.

There are still no hard and fast rules, so it’s not clear where the line is for what you’re allowed to say. When I first started, I got a 12-hour ban for calling Tim Pool “Tim Puddle.” They called it “targeted harassment.” This was obviously an automatic ban due to being mass reported. When you get to 10,000 followers, it is allegedly more difficult to trigger the automatic 12-hour ban. But I’m being careful anyway. I’m all about the #LoveSpeech movement, and calling people names is not a part of that anyway.

I like Tim Pool – or at least I did before that Ye debacle. I don’t think he would want me banned for calling him “Tim Puddle,” which is actually very funny.

It’s been good to enjoy Twitter while the forum is down. The forum is coming back soon, by the way. Very soon, I hope.

Overall, there is not really anything happening right now other than the Ye stuff, and there isn’t any Ye news today, so it’s a good day to dial it in.

The only Ye news is that all day I’ve had kids saying “I like Hitler.”

Anyway, for now: I’ve been dropping some basic stuff on Twitter for a new audience that doesn’t read the site, and a lot of it is good.

Check it: