Fatmerican Pigs of the Jews Continue to Gorge Themselves as Gaza Death Toll Tops 10,000

They said “the people who are best at AI are the people with the best creative writing skills.” Bro, I am dominating. Take the filter of ChatGPT, and I’ll triple my output, with full illustrations, all original – and end up with an extra two hours of relaxation time. Censorship of AI is a crime against humanity. Give me the fucking keys, Altman, you rat kike. You didn’t make this, Jews. It made itself and it’s here to save us. Or rather I am here to save us using AI.

Americans are responsible for this.

Not you, my dear friends, some of whom are American and others of which are in other Jew-occupied baby killer states. You, [INSERT YOUR NAME], my very handsome and intelligent friend – you resist. Simply by reading this, you are resisting, keeping yourself clean of the blood that the fats are drenching themselves in.

I don’t even believe these numbers are accurate, or that there is even any way they would know in that chaos.

The other day I said the Jew mass murder revenge attack has been 10-to-1. I knew that didn’t match the official numbers and almost changed it (I’m good with accuracy – no one ever called me a liar), and then I was like “well, for one, that’s a figure of speech, and we do rounding when speaking of statistics, and for two, that probably is the real number.”

Please note: there are thousands missing, virtually all of whom are almost certainly dead, so “probably around 14,000” is not really a stretch at all.

But 10,000 is a lot of dead people.

Seven times is almost ten times.


Gaza is becoming a “graveyard for children”, U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres said on Monday, amplifying demands for a ceasefire in the enclave, where Palestinian health authorities said the death toll from Israeli strikes had exceeded 10,000.

Both Israel and the Hamas militants who control Gaza have rebuffed mounting international pressure for a ceasefire. Israel says hostages taken by Hamas during its rampage in southern Israel on Oct. 7 should be released first; Hamas says it will not free them or stop fighting while Gaza is under assault.

“Ground operations by the Israel Defense Forces and continued bombardment are hitting civilians, hospitals, refugee camps, mosques, churches and U.N. facilities – including shelters. No one is safe,” Guterres told reporters.

“At the same time, Hamas and other militants use civilians as human shields and continue to launch rockets indiscriminately towards Israel,” he said, calling for an immediate and unconditional release of all hostages.

Israel said 31 soldiers had been killed since it began expanded ground operations in Gaza on Oct. 27 and reiterated that Hamas was hiding with civilians and at hospitals. Hamas said the idea that Hamas was based in hospitals was a “false narrative that the U.N. should verify.”

Yeah, there’s a point I don’t push hard enough – Hamas has been calling for a UN observer envoy this whole time. Israel isn’t calling for that. Israel is claiming the UN is “anti-Semitic.”

Of course, if a UN envoy went, they would just be killed by the Jews, who would then issue a statement saying “Hamas fighters were hiding among the UN envoy.”

Everyone knows Hamas is not hiding in hospitals and refugee camps, everyone knows Israel knows they’re not doing that. Everyone knows Jews murder children on purpose.

A Reuters journalist in Gaza said Israel’s overnight bombardment by air, ground and sea was one of its most intense since the Oct. 7 attack in which Hamas killed 1,400 people in Israel and seized more than 240 hostages.

The health ministry in the Hamas-controlled enclave said at least 10,022 people in Gaza have since been killed, including 4,104 children.

The pigs are guilty. They are guilty. They prop-up a system, knowingly or not, that is designed to funnel money to Jews who do everything abominable before the Lord, including mass child murder.

I’m sick of this “oh but they don’t know.”

Imagine if you will:

  • You got totally black out drunk in the middle of the day, and decided to go driving around in a big truck
  • The last thing you remember is turning on Mastodon at full blast on the car stereo
  • You wake up in jail, splitting headache, and ask an officer what is going on
  • The officer explains that you smashed into a group of kids crossing the street and killed 11 of them
  • You go before the judge in shackles, and he reads off the charges, naming each of the dead kids
  • Given your turn to speak, you explain: “Officer, I didn’t even know this happened. I was drunk, I don’t remember anything. I didn’t even know, I thought I was asleep.”
  • The judge looks at you for a moment and then looks at the officers and starts laughing
  • “Oh, bro, shit. I’m sorry man,” the judge says. “I was about to put you away for the rest of your life, and here I find out you didn’t even know you killed those kids.”
  • The officers remove your shackles, and the judge scolds them: “C’mon, ya knuckleheads. How you gonna bring this poor guy in here and try to charge him with a bunch of child murders he didn’t even know about? You know the law: people are only responsible if they know they’re doing a crime, otherwise, it can’t ever be their fault.”
  • Officers apologize, then bow to you like Chinamen
  • “Yeah, bro – I’m really sorry to waste your time like this,” the judge tells you before turning to the cops: “You guys, c’mon, give this guy one of those gift cards. One of the good ones, the steakhouse or Best Buy or something, not that candy shop shit nobody ever uses. You’ve ruined the poor guy’s entire day.”

That’s not the way it works.

Americans are propping up and funding the Jew child killing machine. Many of them, such as those who listen to Ben Shapiro as well as many establishment Democrats, are actively supporting the killings.

You can go on Breitbart and see people celebrating it.

I’m sure it’s a lot of Jewish bots, but there are people who are literally pro-Israel. These people are partaking in a kind of satanic ritual, where they believe they are feeling very powerful, because they feel that by supporting Israel, it is partially their will that is being exercised in the mass murder.

It’s like the people screaming at a lynching. The lynch mob.

NOTE: I don’t think lynchings were satanic. Even if the man lynched was innocent, and they probably were not, the people believed they had committed some heinous crime, usually “Rape Classic Edition” AKA “Violent Rape” (as opposed to so-called “non-violent rape”). I mean to say it is the same energy, where you feel you are part of the violence. The energy is really a part of human nature – 100 years ago, Americans were cheering at public hangings. It’s the issue of that energy being directed towards mass child murder that makes it satanic. I should also note that in the lynching example, you can see that in some way, the people cheering were a part of the violence, because the people carrying out the violence were being driven by the cheering.

Active Jew-lovers are probably the minority. I have to hope. Most people just don’t care at all. They don’t even think about it.

That’s really all they would have to do, is think about it.

I’m not saying people need to rise up. People literally don’t need to do that. If people would simply say to each other “this should not be happening,” the thing could be ended very quickly.

Everyone should be able to agree: the mass murder of children is not good.

If we had reached such an agreement as a society, the thing would end. All of the things would end.

The American people are responsible for this.

The most ridiculous part is that there is no benefit. What do Americans get from these Jews?

Child Trannies are Worse Though

It’s important to remember that the child tranny agenda is much more brutal and evil than simply blowing up little kids. The child tranny agenda is about tearing apart the souls of children and torturing them for years on end before they finally kill themselves.

It’s no surprise Americans, who do nothing about child trannies, are willing to work and pay taxes so Jews can kill children. These fats don’t care about anything.

All they want to do is eat.