Fatty Jew Bill Barr Says Trump Should be Indicted for Bullshit Classified Documents Hoax

Through the latter half of the Trump Administration, I said factually that the Jewish fatty Bill Barr was the single greatest villain in American history.

As AG, Bill Barr:

  • Let Jeffrey Epstein get murdered in prison
  • Refused to stop the BLM riots, refused to investigate Antifa
  • Refused to stop the coronavirus hoax (what the governors were doing was obviously illegal under federal law)
  • Refused to investigate election fraud (literally at all) and said the whole thing was legit

Those crimes combined led to the downfall of Donald Trump and the rise of the situation we have now, which is going to end with everyone being destroyed.

Not content to have destroyed America in total, Barr is still out there doing dirty deeds. He just went on TV and said that this goofy bullshit with the classified documents was very serious and Trump should be indicted for it.

Trump appointed Barr because he wrote a benign article saying that Trump did not collude with Russia.

Of course, the stranglehold of the Senate on appointments means you can’t really ever appoint good people. Mitt Romney will deny you. But he surely could have found someone better than the worst villain in American history?

Trump is obviously going to be indicted, and if Ron DeSantis wasn’t already going to beat him, this is going to seal the deal.