Federal Agencies Preparing to Fire Pureblooded Employees

The government is playing a game with the various mandates in the court system.

We haven’t really covered the SCOTUS trial of the mandates, because it really doesn’t even matter.

The basic fact is that they are going to keep getting more and more people to take these vaccines using all kinds of different methods, until there is a very small group of hardcore anti-vaxers, who they are going to find a different solution for.

The Hill:

Federal government agencies are preparing to take increasingly harsh steps against unvaccinated employees in order to implement President Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for federal workers.

Some agencies plan to send letters warning of possible suspensions to employees who have not complied with the mandate. Many are also prepared to fire employees who don’t follow the rule, though such moves would be further down the road.

The rate of compliance is high across the federal government and agencies say they do not expect the suspensions or firings to cause disruptions.

The White House in November told agencies to hold off on harsher penalties until after the new year and to focus on education and counseling for those who had not complied with the mandate. Now, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) says agencies can move forward with stricter measures at their discretion.

“Agencies continue to move forward with the process, including taking progressive disciplinary measures as necessary,” an OMB spokesperson told The Hill.

The COVID-19 vaccine mandate for federal workers is a cornerstone of Biden’s coronavirus response. The deadline for federal workers to comply with the mandate was Nov. 24, when 92 percent of the 3.5 million employees working for the federal government had received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccination.

The current rate of federal government-wide compliance with the mandate is unclear because some agencies did not provide up-to-date data when reached by The Hill, but several agencies reported making progress since the November deadline by counseling employees who had not received their shots.

The departments of Treasury, Transportation and Agriculture, as well as the General Services Administration, Social Security Administration and Nuclear Regulatory Commission are all expected to begin suspending employees who are not complying with the mandate in the coming weeks.

Agencies have not laid out specific time frames for notifying employees of the suspensions, but experts expect them to move relatively quickly given that four months have passed since Biden announced the rule.

The article goes on to say that there are only a few thousand resisters left in the federal system.

It’s the same thing with the general workplace mandate, that people are saying the SCOTUS might overturn – most people already submitted to it anyway, so if the court overturns it, it only affects a small number of people, and those people can just be threatened with firing by their company bosses.

The government can also start allowing people to sue companies that don’t require vaccination. That doesn’t have to go through SCOTUS. Someone can file a civil lawsuit saying “I went into this business that doesn’t require vaccination and then I tested positive – they have to pay me money.”

Anything can happen in a civil lawsuit.

All of these mandates, which come after all of the free donuts and lotteries and whatever the heck else weird crap, are just different coercion methods to maximize uptake, and shrink the pureblood population.