Feinstein Dead, McCarthy First Ever Ousted Speaker – Who Cares?

Dianne Feinstein finally died after years of being rolled around in a wheelchair in a vegetive state to hold a Senate seat. Meanwhile, Kevin McCarthy, as the result of an attack by Matt Gaetz, became the first House Speaker in history to be forced out of the job in a type of “no confidence” vote.

Both of these things happened yesterday or the day before. Whatever.

In normal times, these would be big, important political developments. You wouldn’t think the death of Feinstein would be, as you’d think she’d just be replaced with Adam Schiff, but when some vegetable’s synapses stop firing during a Senate term, the governor picks a replacement, and Gavin Newsom, for whatever reason, vowed to replace the old Jew with a female brute (formerly known as a negress).

The first ever overthrow of a speaker, primarily as a result of his support for the brutal NATO war on Russia – well, that is obviously big news. In normal times.

But these are not normal times, are they?

No, dear friend.


I’m afraid these times are not normal at all.

The actual reality fact is that none of this political shit can even be framed as mattering anymore. You can talk about it and analyze it and so on, but even if you get the perfect picture of these happenings, it still won’t matter.

After 2020, politics do not matter, other than in a symbolic or indirect way. The word “politic” comes from “πτόλις,” which means the city or the community. Maybe, in some sense, as it affects the community, or the people, events in politics matter. But this is simply to say: what people see on TV affects their thoughts. We already knew that.

At this point, no political happening can result in political change. We have too much democracy for that. There has been a democracy overload, which has made it impossible for social, economic, or spiritual change in the community to result from politics.

I think Matt Gaetz is a good person. At least, his heart is in the right place when it comes to these matters of the government. I’m sure he also likes being famous. I used to think he was a homosexual. I’m not so sure about that now, but even if he is, he is acting out of a positive instinct to preserve society.

But you can sit here and watch. Nothing meaningful is going to come from this. Politics will continue with scheduled programing, as it did before the 2016 election and as it has done since. We had one moment where an unexpected thing happened, and it was good. But since that moment, the system has worked to protect itself from anything like that from ever happening again.

If you’re waiting for something good to happen in politics, for something to happen that will actually change anything, then you’re waiting for a miracle. As a basic matter, the people of this country are too rotten and evil for anything good to ever happen to them. For most of these people, the best thing that could happen would be massive death – nuclear bombs dropping on them, wiping them out completely.

The people are cowards. They have submitted.

Do you see men willing to stand up against the child tranny agenda?

I don’t. I don’t see them anywhere.

I see men shutting up and sitting down because they want to get by.

This is the worst thing that has ever happened, ever, in all of history, and men sit and do nothing.

By the very law of nature, such men do not even deserve to live at all. If you will not fight for your life, then you’ve forfeited it.

The basic fact is: our current politics reflect the soul of the core population of the country. People deserve what they are getting.

You don’t deserve it, dear reader, for you’ve faced down the beast.

But the others have not. Most have not. And they will drag us down with them.

At this point, if there was a just and righteous government, the people would rise up against it. They will not rise up against this evil, Jewish, vaginal, homosexual government, but they would rise up against righteousness.

There is no future for this country. There is no future for Western civilization. The entire thing is doomed, as has been for some time.

In 2020, the people would have preferred Donald Trump, of course. They voted for him. But they were not willing to fight. And so we, the nation, the politic, got what we deserved.

People who will not fight do not deserve anything. They are already dead. For to be alive is to fight, and to suffer, and to risk death. Those who flee from the fight have given up life.

I’m just not very interested in any of it anymore.

If you live in America, or the UK, or France, or Germany, or Scandinavia – you should leave.

There is nothing good left here.

There is only loss, pain, and death.