Female Brute Shoots Random Drivers on Florida Interstate, Blames Solar Eclipse

The judge is probably going to accept that she only opened fire because of the solar eclipse.

After all, it is pure white supremacy to deny that black people are getting messages from God telling them to commit random murders.

Whites know nothing about the lived experience of blacks during a solar eclipse.

New York Post:

A crazed woman opened fire on a Florida interstate — shooting two drivers — because “God” told her to do so via the solar eclipse, she said, according to police.

Taylon Nichelle Celestine, 22, left her Holmes County motel Monday and told motel staffers that she was directed by “God” to go on a shooting spree in relation to the total solar eclipse — even though the Sunshine State was not anywhere near the path of the astronomical phenomenon.

Taylon Nichelle Celestine

Celestine, driving a purple Dodge Challenger with Georgia plates, got onto Interstate 10 at the 112-mile marker and began firing at other vehicles within five miles of getting on the highway in Washington County, Florida Highway Patrol said.

She allegedly shot at a passing car on the interstate several times. The male driver of the vehicle was grazed by a bullet on the arm and was struck with glass fragments when a bullet shattered his window, the agency said.

The reckless shooter — reportedly armed with both an assault rifle and handgun — kept driving west on I-10 and opened fire on a second vehicle near the 107-mile market, according to highway patrol.

That driver was shot in the neck and was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment, the agency said.


Well, those drivers knew the risk when they went out driving in a country that has black people.

They should have stayed home. Especially after what happened to George Floyd.