Female Diversity Hire Dies After Walking Into Air Force Drone Propeller

Stephanie Cosme

She just walked straight into it!

Maybe if all the diversity hires die in ridiculous, Looney Tunes style accidents, the military will collapse before there is even a war.

If there is a war, then you’re going to have a very serious problem with these diversity hires. The people who the US is trying to start wars with do not do DEI in their militaries.

New York Post:

A US Air Force civilian contractor was killed when she walked into a drone’s rotating propeller at a California airfield — after losing “situational awareness” while glued to a data-recording device, officials say.

Stephanie Cosme, 32, was fatally injured when she “inadvertently” stumbled into the moving propeller of a parked MQ-9A Reaper drone at Gray Butte Airfield on Sept. 7, according to a new statement from Air Force Materiel Command summing up the findings of a report on the accident.

Without looking up to determine her position relative to the aircraft, [Cosme] proceeded to walk directly into the propeller of the [aircraft] sustaining fatal injuries,” stated the final investigation report released Friday.


In his statement of opinion, Accident Investigation Board President Brig. Gen. Lance French identified two causes for the accident.

First, Cosme was incorrectly instructed or trained on how to take data readings when approaching a drone while its engine is running.

Second, “she lost situational awareness” while walking around the unmanned aircraft taking readings with a hand-held measurement device, the report stated.

French also singled out two additional factors he said “substantially contributed to the mishap,” including a clear lack of communication between the contractor test team and ground support workers and the fact that the tests conducted on Sept. 7 were “rushed” because of previous delays.

As Cosme inched closer to the whirring propeller, her co-workers began “shouting and waving” to draw her attention, to no avail.

Giving this detailed analysis is so funny.

The real story is just that this stupid bitch was looking at her phone and walked straight into a spinning propellor and got chopped to bits.

Good luck with the wars, America.

We’re finally going to be able to put the theory that “diversity is our greatest strength” to the test.