Florida: Driverless Shuttle Bus Crashes Just Two Days After Initially Hitting the Streets

These driverless cars are a death trap.

I personally think it’s funny when people die, because I hate society, but if I was normal, I would be really upset about this.

Of course… most bus drivers are black – otherwise known as “niggers” – and crash constantly, presumably a lot more than robots.

So, personally, I have no opinion on this.

New York Post:

A brand-new, self-driving shuttle bus suddenly crashed into another carrier in Orlando, Fla. — just two days after the shuttle service officially hit the streets.

The SWAN shuttle — short for Shuttling with Autonomous Navigation — collided with a full-sized bus in the city’s downtown area Tuesday, cops said.

The crash was caught on camera by a passenger testing out the city’s hyped new service.

“Tried out the new SWAN Shuttle autonomous shuttle in Downtown Orlando today. We crashed. #Beep,” TikTok user Sam Gallaher posted alongside the now viral video.

The footage shows a female shuttle passenger pressing a touch screen just seconds before the driverless bus set off.

Moments later, passengers can be heard saying “woah, woah” as the regular city bus, known as LYMMO, appears to pull in front of them to turn — swiping the side of the shuttle bus in the process.

Niggas be like “dem robot stoled my job crash dem bus.”

That’s correct, my dear boy.

The robots are even more efficient at crashing buses than you are.

I guess we have to give Elon Musk props for not being associated with this incident.

His failure at developing self-driving technology means he doesn’t get blamed for the failures.

It’s smart.