Florida Woman Kills Son, Daughter, Then Herself After Losing Custody Battle

Aiden Hutchins and his mother

Wow, talk about a sore loser.


But hey – it shows the judge made the right call!


New York Post:

A Florida mother killed her two children and then herself in an apparent murder-suicide after losing a child custody battle with her ex.

Brandy Hutchins allegedly murdered her 10-year-old son and 19-year-old daughter before turning the gun on herself inside the family’s mobile home after a judge ordered she turn her son over to his father, who lives in Maine, the Polk County sheriff said Sunday.

Hutchins was ordered to relinquish custody of her son by 6 p.m. Friday, but never showed up for the appointment, according to the sheriff.

The sheriff’s office was notified that the mom had violated the court order and deputies worked through the weekend to find the boy, identified by his father as Aiden Hutchins.

They found the child’s lifeless body along with his half-sister’s and mother’s in a Lake Wales home Sunday afternoon, Sheriff Grady Judd said.

Brandy Hutchins … from every indication in our investigation now has murdered her 10-year-old child and her 19-year-old child — murdered them and then subsequent to that, she shot herself,” Judd said during a press conference. “I can’t imagine a more horrific set of circumstances.”

The 19-year-old had a different father than her 10-year-old brother and was not a part of the custody battle, according to the sheriff.

In the actual objective reality in which the earth’s remaining “normal people” live in, it is more or less always going to be better for the father to keep the kids in the case of a divorce. There are hundreds of different studies you could cite showing that children raised by a single mother always have worse outcomes in every area than children from a two-parent home, but that children raised by a single father do as well or even better than children raised in two-parent homes.

Personally, I think women are always harmful to children, which is why God designed them to die in childbirth.

That works out best for everyone. The kids don’t have to deal with the abusive woman, and the man can go get a young wife and have more kids, potentially several times, as his wives continue to die in childbirth.

I don’t think people understand how many women used to die in childbirth. It was like, 5% of women would die giving birth. No one knows the exact number, but that’s an estimate.

Obviously, if this woman had died in childbirth, her two kids would still be alive, huh?

But seriously. Seriously.

This is how vindictive women are.

Everything is about revenge with them.

They’re like Jews – or rather, Jews have the spirit of a woman in them.