Zelensky Says He May Replace Other Senior Officials

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I haven’t had time to write about this. But basically, Zelensky is probably going to replace the head of the military with the current spy chief, who was (allegedly) responsible for various assassinations, terrorist acts, and torture programs that the Ukraine has engaged in over the last two years.

What that means is that they are planning to transform the war into something much different than a WWI style trench-fest. They are going to up the assassinations and terrorism, and instead of acting like they are going to win a war against Russia, just try to cause a lot of problems, like ISIS or something.

At least, that is the most likely scenario at this point. I thought we were moving towards some kind of frozen conflict. I guess we are moving towards that in the medium term, but in the short term, it looks like the US-backed Ukraine government is going to become another ISIS.

This is pretty logical, really. People who lose wars often resort to terror and/or guerrilla tactics. Those two are more or less the same thing in a lot of cases or maybe just all the time. Well, I’d say that the goal of guerrilla warfare is always terror, in that the guerrilla fighter is trying to upset the population to the point that they demand they be given what they want. Not all terrorism is guerrilla warfare though.

Unfortunately, the Ukraine has been pretty successful doing assassinations, and they are presumably going to try to start doing other kinds of terror on the other side of the conflict line.


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, in an interview broadcast on Sunday, said he was considering replacing several senior officials, and not just in the military, to determine who is to lead the country.

Speculation has gripped Ukraine over suggestions that the president is about to dismiss the commander of Ukraine’s military, Valery Zaluzhnyi. The two have been at odds over the conduct of the nearly two-year-old Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“It is a question of the people who are to lead Ukraine,” Zelenskiy told Italian state RAI television when asked about Zaluzhnyi. His comments were voiced over in Italian.

A reset is necessary, I am talking about a replacement of a number of state leaders, not only in the army sector. I am reflecting on this replacement. Is a question for the entire leadership of the country.”

He said that to introduce the necessary changes, “I have in mind something serious that does not concern a single person but the direction of the country’s leadership”.

“If we want to win we must all push in the same direction, we cannot be discouraged, we must have the right and positive energy, negativity must be left at home. We can’t take on giving-up attitudes.”

Was General Fatso really calling Zelensky a “small Mossad agent”?

I just saw this. It is believable. Ukrainians really don’t like Jews very much, which made the fact that this Jew was destroying their country with widespread support all the more bizarre.

There is also a real possibility that like, right now – sometime in the next 72 hours – Zaluzhny could attempt a coup. I’d say it’s 50/50. There’s no reason I can think of as to why he wouldn’t at least try it, other than that he might be a coward, and I’m sure he’s got billions in an offshore account.

Personally, if I was choosing between living some meaningless luxury life with billions of dollars or trying a coup, it wouldn’t be a difficult decision. I wouldn’t even think about it, I’d just do it. But I understand that not all people think like me. That is the single biggest frustration in my life, in fact.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.